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NEW ORLEANS’ SWAMPS? Just imagine…

NEW ORLEANS’ SWAMPS? Just imagine…



Alligator: Southern Louisiana is full of swamplands and marshy coastal regions. It’s the perfect habitat for Alligators and they quickly became part of the everyday dining options. Alligator tastes similar to chicken or rabbit and the tenderloin, tail, ribs and other parts of the animal are used to create many different dishes like alligator Cajun spiced ribs, creole stew, fried alligator tail and more.  Try alligator pie at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage festival or to try a recipe at home, you can buy fresh gator from Cajun Grocer.  If you are really brave you can go hunt your alligator meat with an adventure from Grosse Savanne Wildlife Lodge.


 Check out this Fine Cuisine: DELICIOUS ALLIGATOR

(USA Today)  Let your eyes feast on these New Orleans Alligator wings.  This delicacy was  prepared by guest, Greg Sonnier of KingFish at New Orleans Wine…

LASTLY, a  restaurant with the perfect swampside ambiance,  The Palmetto Restaurant.
Scenically amazing,  the Palmetto restaurant

overlooks a swamp land with old cypress trees, palms, Louisiana irises and of course a variety of swamp wildlife.

But, don’t forget about the food! Palmetto’s is always creating a dynamic menu of southern favorites that are really tasty.

Visit site for menu and more



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