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When I Am Not Fully Awake, I Am Half Asleep…!”

When I Am Not Fully Awake, I Am Half Asleep…!”

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Every weekday morning my desk is the stopover hangout. And Mondays were especially fused with interesting conversations about our activities over the weekend. Co-workers, arrogantly competed to spotlight their venture. As the staff stood around my work area talking, they inadvertently place their coffee on my clean spacious desk.

But, I didn’t mind eventhough I was tired and sleepy. Honestly, on Mondays and mornings, I am out of sync, foggy unclear.

On this one particular morning, I was entralled by all of the interesting conversations when the aroma of coffee heightened my senses, entranced me into an intimate fuzziness, I believe to be a dream state. Let’s say, “I was in a coffee heaven”.

Suddenly, I was having a weird experience. All that I could hear were conversations, which had faded into the background. And in the foreground words began to oscillate from one conversation to the other. I was helplessly hallucinating.

Virgil was talking about the Baby Grand Piano he bought his younger daughter.

And Laura then began saying that her mother-in-law made the best pound cakes ever.

My head was spinning!

Then, I felt myself leaning forward and I began sipping coffee, one by one, from … everyone’s cup.

The conversations went to a solid halt. And then I heard voices saying “Hey! Hey! They were all in shock and just stared at me. At that moment, I became fully awake. I just sat there and said nothing.

Call me awkward or dense-headed! But, from that experience, I now know that coffee makes me crazy!

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