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Morning Commute By Foot

Morning Commute By Foot

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I drove 1.5 hours from Virginia to Maryland for work one day — a typical commute in the greater DC area.

When I was getting out of the car, I realized that I had no shoes on. I like to walk and drive with bare feet, and usually I have a pair of shoes in the car. But that day, I couldn’t find any shoes in the car.

I was working as a psychotherapist in a psychiatrist clinic and my first patient appointment was about to start. I had no choice but walked in to the packed waiting room. I pretended all was normal and called my first appointment patient’s name. I smiled and shook hands with her and led her to my office.

Throughout the whole day I talked with my patients, and walked around the office barefoot. My heart pounded nervously, but I gave no visible signs that I was utterly embarrassed. I acted as if all was normal and no one, not even my coworkers mentioned a word about me not having shoes on the whole day.

‘I had no shoes on’

—Anderson, Virginia


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Commuting on the Subway

Commuting on the Subway

The Loneliness of the Subway Nap

By Kristen Radtke

Image credit: Photograph by Ferdinando Scianna / Magnum

For several years, I lived a few blocks from Kings County Hospital, in Brooklyn. My morning commute was full of shift-tired nurses and bleary-eyed, freshly bandaged patients who’d spent the night waiting in a crowded emergency room. Doctors and nurses, still in their scrubs, would silently shuffle into the station, mechanically slump into their seats, and almost immediately nod off.

On the subway, you can often tell who lives in New York and who doesn’t by how casually they sit and with what degree of paranoia they clutch their belongings. Subway nappers are clearly at home: their commute is worn so deeply into them that, typically, their bodies jerk awake before they miss their stops; they seem to sense, somewhere within their half-sleep, when they should start readying themselves to exit the train. There is no romance or performance to these everyday moments, but there is a very real intimacy. In a place as daunting and enormous as New York, it is striking, and even a little comforting, that a city can be within a body this way.

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Shake-a-tail-Feather?  It’s…”The DISCO DUCK!”

America is known for some really ‘far out’, memorable dances!


“Dance craze” that’s America! Crazy even silly the dances are, and a mockery of how so many creatures move about. Much humor here and great exercise for the body. Check this dance out!


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When I Am Not Fully Awake, I Am Half Asleep…!”

When I Am Not Fully Awake, I Am Half Asleep…!”

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Every weekday morning my desk is the stopover hangout. And Mondays were especially fused with interesting conversations about our activities over the weekend. Co-workers, arrogantly competed to spotlight their venture. As the staff stood around my work area talking, they inadvertently place their coffee on my clean spacious desk.

But, I didn’t mind eventhough I was tired and sleepy. Mornings and Monday’s I am out of sync, foggy unclear. But entralled by interesting conversation the aroma of coffee heightened my senses, entranced me into an intimacy fuzziness, a dream state. I was in a coffee heaven.

And then, all that I could hear was conversations, fading into the background. And in the foreground words began to oscillate from one conversation to the other. Was I hallucinating?

Virgil was talking about the Baby Grand Piano he bought his younger daughter.

And Laura then began saying that her mother-in-law made the best pound cakes ever.

My head was spinning!

Then, I felt myself leaning forward and I began sipping coffee, one by one from … everyone’s cup.

The conversations went to a solid halt. And then I heard voices saying “Hey! Hey! They were all in shock and just stared at me. At that moment, I became fully awake. I just sat there and said nothing.

Call me awkward or dense-headed! But, from that experience, I now know that coffee makes me crazy!

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“Bird Flew!” (In flew Hens-a)

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Menu In The Sky – New Zealand (South Pacific)

How comfortable would you be, having an exquisite, delicious meal midair New Zealand?

“Dinner in the Sky is a hosted dining table, suspended at a height of 50 metres by a team of professionals”.

New Zealand’s cuisine is largely driven by local ingredients and seasonal variations. An island nation with a primarily agricultural economy, New Zealand yields produce from land and sea. Similar to the cuisine of Australia, the cuisine of New Zealand is a diverse British-based cuisine, with Mediterranean and Pacific Rim influences as the country becomes more cosmopolitan.

Historical influences came from Māori cultureNew American cuisineSoutheast AsianEast Asian, and South Asian culinary traditions have become popular since the 1970s.

In New Zealand households, dinner is the main meal of the day, when families gather and share their evening together. Restaurants and takeaways provide an increasing proportion of the diet.

Māori cuisineEdit

hāngi dinner as served to tourists.

When the indigenous Māori arrived in New Zealand from tropical Polynesia they had a number of food plants, including kūmara (sweet potato), taro and . The plants grew well only in the north of the North Island. Native New Zealand plants such as fernroot became a more important part of the diet, along with insects such as the huhu grub. Problems with horticulture were made up for by an abundance of bird and marine life. The large flightless moa were soon hunted to extinction.[citation needed] Rāhui (resource restrictions) included forbidding the hunting of certain species in particular places or at certain times of year, so that the numbers could regenerate.

Preparation of a modern hāngi for tourists at Mitai Maori Village, Rotorua.

Like other Polynesian people, Māori cooked food in earth ovens, known in New Zealand as hāngi, although the word umu is also used[citation needed] as in other Pacific languages. Stones are heated by fire and food packed in leaves are placed on top. The packs are further covered with foliage and cloth, or, wet sacks, then earth. Other cooking methods included roasting and, in geothermal areas, boiling or steaming using natural hot springs and pools. Occasionally food would be boiled in non-geothermal areas by putting hot stones into a bowl with water and the food; and some food was also cooked over the open fire. Some foods were preserved using smoke, air-drying, or layers of fat—particularly muttonbirds. Māori were one of the few people to have no form of alcoholic beverage.

“Dinner at Sky Tower, Auckland” 



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II Volo-Grande Amore

II Volo-Grande Amore



​​”Grande amore” (pronounced [ˈɡrande aˈmoːre]; English: Great love) is a song performed by Italian operatic pop trio Il Volo, and written by Francesco Boccia and Ciro “Tommy” Esposito. The song won the Sanremo Music Festival 2015 and represented Italy in the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 where it won the televoting from viewers, came sixth from the juries so and came third overall. The song was also covered with releases in other languages. It has been compared to Il Divo’s music.

The song was written in 2003 by the singer Francesco Boccia, and composed by Ciro “Tommy” Esposito (member of the Italian band Il Giardino dei Semplici), with an idea to make it performed by classical music singers.[1] It was performed by Boccia himself and proposed for Sanremo Music Festival in 2005, but it was rejected because it was considered too old-fashioned.[1]

It was shelved for twelve years, and again proposed for the “Newcomers” section in the Sanremo Music Festival 2015, to be performed by duo Operapop (formed by Francesca Carli and Enrico Giovagnoli), but their participation was denied due to festival’s age restriction.[1][2] It was also proposed to be performed by Orietta Berti, who although praised the song, refused because she wasn’t available to participate in the festival.[3]

Carlo Conti, artistic director and main presenter of the 65th edition of the festival, was not satisfied with the first proposed song by the trio Il Volo,[2] and after hearing the song “Grande amore”, recommended to the song’s editor Pasquale Mammaro (manager of Operapop) to contact manager Michele Torpedine and assign it to the operatic trio Il Volo.[1][2]


The song lyrics were not supposed to be changed, but on the behalf and desires by the trio, two verses were changed; “regina dei giorni miei” (queen of my days) became “respiro dei giorni miei” (breath of my days), and “sotto al tuo portone” (under your doorway) became “senza più timore” (without more fear).[1] The lyrics were changed because as the original version refers to the serenade singing by a lover under the balcony to his lady, the trio felt it was too old style for their young age.[1]

The song is not addressed to an actual person, but it’s an idea of declaration of always valid love.[1]

Great Love (lyrics in English)

Versions: #1#2#3

I close my eyes and think of her

The sweet scent of her skin

It’s a voice inside me, taking me where the sun rises

Words are lonesome

But if written, everything can change

With no more fear, I want to cry out to you this great love

Love, simply love is what I feel

Tell me why, when I think, I only think of you

Tell me why, when I see, I only see you

Tell me why, when I believe, I only believe in you, great love

Tell me that never

Never will you leave me

Tell me who you are

Breath of my days of love

Tell me you know

It’s only me you’re going to choose, now you know

You’re my only, great love

Springs will go by

Cold and stupid days to remember

Damned nights wasted without sleep, others to make love

Love, you’re my love

Forever, for me

Tell me why, when I think, I only think of you

Tell me why, when I love, I only love you

Tell me why, when I live, I only live in you, great love

Tell me that never

Never will you leave me

Tell me who you are

Breath of my days of love. Tell me that you know

I could never get it wrong. Tell me that you’re

That you’re my only, great love

That you’re my only, great love


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