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NEW ORLEANS’ SWAMPS? Just imagine…

NEW ORLEANS’ SWAMPS? Just imagine…



Alligator: Southern Louisiana is full of swamplands and marshy coastal regions. It’s the perfect habitat for Alligators and they quickly became part of the everyday dining options. Alligator tastes similar to chicken or rabbit and the tenderloin, tail, ribs and other parts of the animal are used to create many different dishes like alligator Cajun spiced ribs, creole stew, fried alligator tail and more.  Try alligator pie at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage festival or to try a recipe at home, you can buy fresh gator from Cajun Grocer.  If you are really brave you can go hunt your alligator meat with an adventure from Grosse Savanne Wildlife Lodge.


 Check out this Fine Cuisine: DELICIOUS ALLIGATOR

(USA Today)  Let your eyes feast on these New Orleans Alligator wings.  This delicacy was  prepared by guest, Greg Sonnier of KingFish at New Orleans Wine…

LASTLY, a  restaurant with the perfect swampside ambiance,  The Palmetto Restaurant.
Scenically amazing,  the Palmetto restaurant

overlooks a swamp land with old cypress trees, palms, Louisiana irises and of course a variety of swamp wildlife.

But, don’t forget about the food! Palmetto’s is always creating a dynamic menu of southern favorites that are really tasty.

Visit site for menu and more



Hot Sauce and Chilli Pepper Festivals and Events Worldwide

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“The flavor used by the Cajuns for world famous Louisiana cooking. This hot sauce is a Louisiana style classic hot …”

Chilli Festivals and Events?
Chilli-Heads like nothing better than to get together and share their passion for all things hot and of course challenging each other to eat hotter and hotter products. Many of the established events now hold competitions where success is prized by producers for International acclaim that frequently translates to economic success!

craft hot sauce 2018 event

chili world

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French Food Festival | South Louisiana Festivals |

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Experience our delicious food and great music, and you’ll understand why we say there’s always a reason to party! The festival season hits its stride starting in April, kicking off celebrations of everything from Zydeco and Cajun music to seafood and gumbo. Aside from friends and family, be sure to bring along your trusted festival companion that pairs well with all regional food: TABASCO® Sauce!


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Creole Coffee Recipes

Another recipe

“Good and simple. Rich, dark-roast coffee and chicory, molasses, and cream makes for a delicious cup of coffee.”
Prep Time: 5 Min
Ready In: 5 Min
Original Recipe Yield 1 serving

1 cup hot brewed Superior coffee with chicory

1 tablespoon molasses

1 tablespoon half and half, or more to taste

1. Pour coffee into a large mug; stir in the molasses and half-and-half cream until smooth.
Nutritional Information

Amount Per Serving Calories: 85 | Total Fat: 1.7g


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Old Hippie Chef in Paris…Breakfast (“MAKE FOOD NOT WAR”!)

Old Hippie Chef in Paris…Breakfast (“MAKE FOOD NOT WAR”!)


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“Tango? Not Just A Dance, Find out the History …”



 “Alison Moyet – La Chanson des Vieux Amants” 

 “Alison Moyet – La Chanson des Vieux Amants” 

Voice is the sixth solo music recording/album of singer/songwriter Alison Moyet. It is a covers album, though not a typical one for a singer such as Moyet; the tracks chosen are slow-tempo, classic songs from a number of different genres, designed to showcase the singer’s voice.

Geneviève Alison Jane Moyet (/ˈmɒjeɪ/; born 18 June 1961) is an English singer, songwriter and performer noted for her bluesy contralto voice.[1] She came to prominence as half of the duo Yazoo, but has since mainly worked as a solo artist.

Her UK album sales have reached a certified 23 million, with over a million singles sold. All seven of her studio albums and three compilation albums have charted in the Top 30 UK Album Chart, with two of the albums reaching number one. She has also achieved nine Top 30 singles and five Top 10 hits in the UK Singles Chart.[2] Her most recent album The Minutes was released in the UK on 6 May 2013.

Early life
Moyet was born in the Essex town of Billericay to a French father and English mother.[3] She grew up in the nearby town of Basildon, where she attended Markhams Chase Junior School and then Nicholas Comprehensive at secondary level.[4] After leaving school at 16, she worked as a shop assistant and trained as a piano tuner. She also worked for the cosmetic company Yardley. She was involved in a number of punk rock, pub rock and blues bands in the South East Essex area during the late 1970s and early 1980s, including the Vandals,[3] the Screamin’ Ab Dabs, the Vicars and the Little Roosters[3] (the latter featuring Garrie Lammin, formerly of Cock Sparrer).

Music Career
1980s: Yazoo and solo beginnings

At the age of 21, Moyet’s mainstream pop career began in 1982 with the formation of the synthpop duo Yazoo with former Depeche Mode member Vince Clarke. In the United States, the band operated under the name Yaz, due to trademark issues with the Yazoo Records record label already operating in the region. Yazoo had several hits, including “Only You”, “Don’t Go”, “Situation” and “Nobody’s Diary”, and recorded two albums, Upstairs at Eric’s and You and Me Both.

In 1983, Clarke decided to disband Yazoo. While Clarke went on to form The Assembly (another duo, this time with Eric Radcliffe) and then Erasure (a duo again, with Andy Bell), Moyet signed to CBS, and began her solo career. In 1984, Moyet released her debut solo album Alf (titled after her punk-era nickname).[5] Alf was produced by the record producing and songwriting team of Jolley & Swain.[5] The album was co-written by the duo and Moyet, with the exception of “Invisible”, which was written for Moyet by Lamont Dozier.[5]

The record was a hit in Britain, reaching No. 1 in the album chart. Alf spawned three international hit singles, “Love Resurrection” (UK No. 10), “Invisible” (UK No. 21) and “All Cried Out” (UK No. 8). In the US, “Invisible” was a Top 40 hit. In some European territories, a fourth single, “For You Only”, was also released.

In 1985, Moyet performed at Live Aid alongside Paul Young and later returned unscheduled to the stage (alongside Bob Geldof, David Bowie and Pete Townshend) to provide vocals on “Let It Be” when Paul McCartney’s vocal microphone at his piano failed, leaving him unable to be heard for the first stanza of the song. (Twenty years later, he overdubbed his vocal for the Live Aid DVD release.) Moyet also released a single not featured on Alf, a cover of the standard “That Ole Devil Called Love”, which climbed to No. 2 on the UK Singles Chart (it remains Moyet’s highest-charting UK single).

Moyet had another big UK hit the following year with “Is This Love?” (co-written by the Eurythmics’ Dave Stewart, under the pseudonym Jean Guiot),[6] followed in 1987 by her second LP, Raindancing. Raindancing spawned further hit singles, including a cover of Floy Joy’s “Weak in the Presence of Beauty” and “Ordinary Girl”. In 1987, she scored another cover hit with “Love Letters”, which peaked at UK No. 4. The video for the song featured comedy duo French & Saunders.

La Chanson des Vieux Amants

English translation:”Song of Old Lovers”

Of course we had thunderstorms twenty years of love it’s crazy love A thousand times you took your luggage a thousand

times I took off And every piece of

furniture remembers in this room

without a cradle Shards of old storms

were nothing like nothing You had lost

the taste for water and I had lost the

taste for conquest. But my love, my

sweet my tender my wonderful love

From clear dawn until the end of the day,

I still love you, you know I love you. I

know all your spells, you know all my

spells You kept me from trap in trap, I

lost you from time to time Of course you

took some lovers it was necessary to pass

the time Finally, the body ultimately

exults It took us a lot of talent to be old

without being adults O my love, my

sweet my tender my wonderful love

From clear dawn until the end of the day,

I still love you, you know I love you. And

the more time makes us procession and

the more time makes us torment But is

not this the worst trap that living in

peace for lovers Of course you cry a little

earlier I tear a little later We protect less

our mysteries we let less chance We are

wary of the thread of the water but it is

always tender war. O my love, my sweet

my tender my wonderful love From clear

dawn until the end of the day, I still love

you, you know I love you?


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