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Don’t say “Hello Kitty” to me…Say “Good Morning Miss Catty!”

Don’t say “Hello Kitty” to me…Say “Good Morning Miss Catty!”

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  • Mix milk and sugar in a microwavable coffee mug.

  • Microwave on HIGH 1 minute 30 seconds or until heated through (do not boil).

  • Stir in coffee and extracts. Top with whipped cream and toasted slivered almonds before serving, if desired.

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Our relationship with dogs, go far beyond petting. Dogs are constantly communicating with us, by tail wagging, whining, barking and other dog skills. HOW WELL DO YOU KNOW YOUR DOG? Do you understand his barks?

One of the main differences between a dog and a stuffed animal is your dog’s ability to communicate with you. Just as we can form sentences and change the pitch of our voice to mean different things, so can a dog change her bark depending on what she’s trying to tell you.

Dogs have many different kinds of barks. K9 Magazine recently described the Top 10 Barks and what they mean. I edited the list to make for easy reading, but if you’re really curious you can read the magazine’s whole post. Check out this cool infographic you can share to help other dog owners understand their dogs better!

too much barking

1. Continuous rapid barking at a mid-range pitch: “Call the pack! There is a potential problem! Someone is coming into our territory!”

2. Barking in rapid strings with a few pauses at a mid-range pitch: “I suspect that there may be a problem or an intruder near our territory. I think that the leader of the pack should look into it.”

3. Prolonged or incessant barking, with moderate to long intervals between each utterance: “Is there anybody there? I’m lonely and need companionship.”

4. One or two sharp short barks at a mid-range pitch: “Hello there!”

5. Single sharp short bark at a lower mid-range pitch: “Stop that!”

6. Single sharp short bark at a higher mid-range: “What’s this?” or “Huh?” This is a startled or surprised sound. If it’s repeated two or three times, its meaning changes to, “Come look at this!” to alert the pack to a new event.


dogs barking while playing

Single yelp or very short high-pitched bark: “Ouch!” This is in response to a sudden, unexpected pain.

8. Series of yelps: “I’m hurting!” “I’m really scared” This is in response to severe fear and pain.

9. Stutter-bark at a mid-range pitch: If a dog’s bark were spelled “ruff,” the stutter-bark would be spelled “ar-ruff.” It means “Let’s play!” and is used to initiate playing behavior.

10. Rising bark – almost a yelp, though not quite that high: Used during a rough-and-tough tumble play time, it means “This is fun!”

Some dogs can bark too much. There are several options for helping control your dog’s chatter. Exercise and lots of playtime will wear your dog out, and she will talk less as a result.

10 translated dog barks

If your dog continues to bark in the wee hours of the night or morning, bark control collarsare another great way to deter barking. By monitoring your dog’s bark, these collars automatically let her know when she needs to be quiet with a safe, gentle correction. Offered in spray, static, ultrasonic, and vibrationcorrection, you can train your dog not to bark, no matter how stubborn she is. Understanding your dog’s barking and working together to communicate can remove the strain excessive barking may have put on your relationship.

Which bark do you hear from your dog most often?



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“Mysterious Flight…all the way to London”

“Mysterious Flight…all the way to London”

“Good morning ladies and gentlemen we are now boarding flight 10, at Gate #2. Please have your boarding pass ready!”

Could it be that all passengers are not accounted for as a…

Passenger name? Meow


Alerion Aviation flies and manages private jets for individuals. who can afford to own their own private planes but may or may not know how or have time to maintain them or fly them. As CEO of Alerion, Bob Seidel does his best to keep Alerion’s clients happy (just like these other CEOS, who do incredibly nice things for their employees.) Sometimes that means honoring some unusual (read: pricey) requests. Take this one for example: A client’s adult daughter was living in London and feeling a bit lonely for her kitty back home in the states. The client was too busy to make the trip to London but not too busy to drop the daughter’s feline friend off at her trusty G-4 jet (a 13-passenger gulf stream). From there, the flight crew flew the unaccompanied cat all the way to London and delivered the kitty into the arms of her person.


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“Band Of Gold , Freda Payne , 1970 Vinyl”


Freda Charcilia Payne (born September 19, 1942)[1][2][3][nb 1] is an American Soul/R&B singer and actress best known for her million selling 1970 hit single, “Band of Gold”. She was also an actress in musicals and film, as well as the host of a TV talk show.[4] Freda is the older sister of former Supreme Scherrie Payne.

Early life and career

Payne was born in Detroit, Michigan,[5] and grew up listening to different jazz singers, such as Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday.[4] As a teenager, she attended the Detroit Institute of Musical Arts; she soon began singing radio commercial jingles, and took part in (and won many) local TV and radio talent shows.[4]

In 1963, she moved to New York City and worked with many different entertainers, including Quincy Jones, Pearl Bailey, and Bill Cosby.[4] The next year, her debut album, a jazz recording with arranger Manny Albam entitled After the Lights Go Down Low and Much More!!!, was released on the Impulse! label.[4] (This album was re-issued on CD in Japan in early 2002, and again in the United States in 2005.) In 1965 she toured Europe for the first time recording an album in Sweden with Don Gardner and Bengt-Arne Wallin. In 1966 she released her second American album, again in the jazz style, How Do You Say I Don’t Love You Anymore, for MGM Records.[4] She also made occasional guest appearances on different television shows including The Merv Griffin Show and The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson.[4]

She added theatrical credits to her repertoire: she understudied Leslie Uggams for the Broadway show Hallelujah Baby in 1967,[6] and appeared with the Equity Theatre in a production of Lost in the Stars.[citation needed]

In 1969, her old friends back home in Detroit, Brian Holland, Lamont Dozier, and Edward Holland, Jr., persuaded her to sign with their newly formed record label Invictus.[4] During that same year, her first Invictus single, “Unhooked Generation” (a minor R&B hit), was released.[7] Shortly thereafter, Eddie Holland offered her a song entitled “Band of Gold”, which he along with Brian Holland and Lamont Dozier co-wrote (under the pen name Edythe Wayne) with Ronald Dunbar.[7] In early 1970, the song became an instant pop smash reaching #3 in the US and #1 in the UK for six consecutive weeks; it also gave Payne her first gold record.[4][6] Global sales were estimated at two million.[6] An album of the same name proved to be fairly successful as well.[4] Other Invictus singles included “Deeper and Deeper”, “You Brought the Joy”, and the Vietnam War protest song “Bring the Boys Home” (U.S. Billboard Hot 100 #12, 1971; her second gold record.[6][7] Her other Invictus albums were Contact (1971), The Best of Freda Payne (1972, a compilation which included four new, unissued songs), and her last Invictus album Reaching Out (1973).[4]

In 1973, she left Invictus and recorded albums for ABC/Dunhill and Capitol, but she never found the commercial success that she had enjoyed with Invictus.[4] She recorded a duet “I Wanna See You Soon” with Capitol stablemates Tavares, which was a radio airplay hit in the UK in 1977.[citation needed]


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Gaining A.M. Composure

Gaining A.M. Composure

It’s an early morning rush:

family breakfast? A big fuss;

I want to cry because the whole house is awry;

piles of messings from the children’s dressing..

the dog, the cat he did this, she did that …

coffee perks, what’s it worth?

My husband .. zoned into cyberspace coffee in hand, he musn’t be late.

Suddenly, he and the children are gone an ambiance of clarity has spun.

After the maddening hours, I am croutched what shall my day be about? …

I am hoping quietness with peace of mind, Because “Now” is my private time. Originally posted on AmericaOnCoffee( AOC), as a morning viewpoint…


I was sitting in my kitchen one morning. My son was still asleep, and I suddenly heard the neighbor’s dog begin to howl.

It was a long, drawn-out sound that got louder and louder. Before going to work, I decided to drop in to the neighbors.

The door opened, and I said, “Hello, could you possibly quieten down your dog? My son is still asleep.“ At that moment a scowl broke out across her face, and she replied, ”That was me, singing!”



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“5 Oldest Bars of New Orleans – History and Tour” 

“5 Oldest Bars of New Orleans – History and Tour” 


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“Sly and The Family Stone- If you want me to stay”

“Sly and The Family Stone- If you want me to stay”

Sly and the Family Stone was an American band from San Francisco. Active from 1967 to 1983, the band was pivotal in the development of soul, funk, and psychedelic music. Headed by singer, songwriter, record producer, and multi-instrumentalist Sly Stone, and containing several of his family members and friends, the band was the first major American rock band to have an “integrated, multi-gender” lineup.

Brothers Sly Stone and singer/guitarist Freddie Stone combined their bands (Sly & the Stoners and Freddie & the Stone Souls) in 1967. Sly and Freddie Stone, trumpeter Cynthia Robinson, drummer Gregg Errico, saxophonist Jerry Martini, and bassist Larry Graham composed the original lineup; Sly and Freddie’s sister, singer/keyboardist Rose Stone, joined within a year. They recorded five Billboard Hot 100 hits which reached the top 10, and four ground-breaking albums, which greatly influenced the sound of American pop, soul, R&B, funk, and hip hop music. In the preface of his 1998 book For the Record: Sly and the Family Stone: An Oral History, Joel Selvin sums up the importance of Sly and the Family Stone’s influence on African American music by stating “there are two types of black music: black music before Sly Stone, and black music after Sly Stone”. The band was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1993.


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