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Picnics Around The World  (The Realities Of Your Imagination)  

Picnics Around The World  (The Realities Of Your Imagination)  



One worthwhile activity that can be woven into almost any travel itinerary is picnicking. But not all al fresco dining locations are created equal. To help you decide where to set up your blanket and basket we consulted savvy travel bloggers, who shared their favorite picnic spots from around the globe. 



Laura and Lance from Travel Addicts: Our favorite picnic spot in the world has been the Saturnia hot springs in Tuscany. For millennia, travelers have been visiting these warm pools in the Italian countryside. Along the banks of the creek, visitors can sit under a cypress tree and enjoy their picnics. We recommend wine, bread, cheese and cured wild boar (a local specialty). After lunch, dip into the warm waters, wash the crumbs away and imagine what it was like when the Romans came to this spot. 


Ashley Fleckenstein: As eating at restaurants can be expensive in Paris, picnicking is a great way to save money. Plus, the locals do it all the time, too! All you do is pick up cheese, charcuterie, fruit, a baguette and wine, and then head to a park or the Seine. In the summertime young people crowd the banks of the Seine at night, so it’s a fun spot for a sunset picnic. Or you can head to one of Paris’ beautiful parks — my favorites are Parc des Buttes Chaumont, Jardin du Luxembourg, Place des Vosges and Parc Monceau.

Dave and Deb of ThePlanetD agree: Our favorite spot to picnic anywhere in the world has always been Paris. That city was made for eating outside. Pop into a supermarket and pick up a bottle of wine with some fresh bread and cheese and find a spot really anywhere in the city. People will eat on church steps, along the canal, on the River Seine or on a park bench anywhere. Our personal favorite is in the Jardin du Luxembourg. This picturesque garden is filled with trees, statues, hedges, and fountains offering plenty of space to enjoy a quiet lunch outdoors.

Mount Rainier

Becky Pokora of The Girl and Globe: My favorite picnic spot is a recent find in Mount Rainier National Park. As you’re approaching Sunrise Visitor Center, which is seasonally accessible, there’s a small picnic area tucked off to the left.  Since most day visitors head to the larger picnic area in the other direction, it can be quiet here and the view is awe-inspiring on a blue sky day.  Rainier looms in the background with a snow-capped peak, framed by the many pine trees on other mountains. Beyond the beauty, it’s also a great picnic spot since anyone can get there.  Seattle’s about two hours away, the perfect distance for a road trip, and there isn’t a long walk from the parking lot to the picnic area, so anyone can bring along coolers or run back to the bathroom if needed!  It combines nicely with day hikes in the Sunrise section of the national park.


Tara Cannon of Pint Size Pilot: There are plenty of beautiful picnic spots in Vancouver, Canada, but one of the top locations is Jericho Beach Park. With miles of sandy beaches and nature trails to explore, it is the perfect place to spend a day with friends or family. Arrive early to score a prime picnic table with stunning views of English Bay and the North Shore Mountains. Stay long enough to enjoy an ice cream cone and watch the sun set from the nearby Jericho Sailing Centre.

Lake Powell

Alyssa Ramos of My Life’s A Movie: Lake Powell has tons of areas for a great picnic, from grassy meadows to sandy beaches, to campsites with their very own tables. For a quaint grassy area to picnic, head to Lake Powell Resort and Marinas; you don’t have to actually stay at the resort, but you can still enjoy their lake-side picnic areas. There’s also a campground there with picnic tables, as well as down the road at Lone Rock Campground.

Queensland, Australia

Anthony Bianco of The Travel Tart: Mission Beach in Far North Queensland in Australia is one of my favorite beaches in the country, and is a great place to have a picnic. That’s because the place is so laid-back and isn’t overrun with tourists, the water is calm and safe for kids, and the weather is pretty good for most of the year. There’s nothing like spending an afternoon lazing around on this beach with views across the water to Dunk Island, drinking an ice-cold beer and grazing on some munchies!


Anna Kate of The Legendary Adventures of Anna: O’ahu, Hawaii is one of my favorite places to enjoy a picnic. Pack some tasty Hawaiian poké (a seasoned raw fish salad) and hike a crater for a scenic view of Hawaii’s stunning rugged cliffs, go to many of O’ahu’s beautiful waterfalls surrounded by lush green tropical foliage or take it to the beach for a sunset picnic by enchanting turquoise waters.


Laurie Norton of Secret Beach, located on Ambergris Caye in Belize. Imagine yourself on a deserted stretch of beach with a cooler full of tasty treats, exploring Maya territory and a secret underwater cave. This little known about cave is full of colorful tropical fish and guarded by large barracuda. In addition to the cave and marine life, you will experience natural streams of bubbles and feel temperature changes in the water as you wade far out in the shallow clear crystal waters of the Caribbean Sea. Pure picnic paradise.

French Alps

Nicole Melancon of Thirdeyemom: Imagine hiking for seven days through the French Alps in Vanoise National Park. For me, every single day was a magical opportunity for a picnic of French cheese, meats and of course Vin de Savoie, the regional wine. I indulged in creamy brie on crunchy baguettes, pinching myself to make sure I was truly in such a spectacular place.

Andes Mountains

Tim Leffel of Cheapest Destinations Blog: My favorite picnic spot was between Cuncani and Huacahuasi on a Lares Trek in the Andes Mountains of Peru. We sat on rocks and ate lunch after hiking uphill for a couple hours, stopping at Cruzccasa Pass. This was at 13,780 feet, so it was windy but magical to watch the clouds dance across the lake as the sun darted in and out and changed the color of the water and the grass. We ate in peace, the only sounds besides nature being the bells on a few llamas that stared at us and then moved on. I felt completely at peace there. 




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To: USA’s UPCOMING 4TH OF JULY CELEBRATION-Wishing all Love.Peace.SafetyAndSolidarity!


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by Lindsay Stordahl

How many dogs have you ever walked at once?

I think two dogs at a time is usually best, sometimes three if the dogs are well behaved.

It’s important to me to keep the dogs I’m walking under control and at my side. I will not allow a group of dogs to pull me down the street. Through my dog walking business, I learned to handle three dogs pretty well, and I’m sure some of you can also handle three with no problems.

Sometimes one dog is far more difficult to handle than three or four dogs. It depends on the dogs.

There was a group of four golden retrievers I walked together regularly. I also walked a group of three small dogs and a pitbull mix together, even adding my own dog to the mix once or twice for a total of five dogs. I knew all these dogs well, and I could predict how they would respond to passing dogs and anyone else we might run into. Most of all, they could all sit and stay reliably, and they would all come when called. How well the dogs are trained is the most important factor when walking multiple dogs, in my opinion.

I’d love to hear from all of you. How many dogs do you walk at once? Do you think it’s irresponsible for someone to walk three or more dogs at once?

The first five pics are some of the dogs I’ve walked. The rest are some Internet treats. Some look a lot more responsible than others, if you ask me. I’m not a fan of allowing dogs to walk out ahead on tight leashes. You’ll have to let me know what you think.

I will walk four dogs at once

Walking a pitbull mix and three small dogs

Walking four golden retrievers at once

Walking a Lab and two springers

Walking a springer and two Lab mixes

Walking 15 dalmatian puppies

Unsafe to walk three dogs like this

Don't walk three dogs in front of you

Dog walker with multiple dogs

Three dogs attached

Four English bulldogs together

12 – From Dallas News
Walking 7 dogs at once

Walking five dogs at once

Walking five dogs and texting

Dog walker with 10 dogs

How many dogs will you walk at once?

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“June Weddings? Watch this one “Underwater. It’s a ceremony in Okinawa” 

“June Weddings? Watch this one “Underwater. It’s a ceremony in Okinawa” 

Underwater photography is the process of taking photographs while under water. It is usually done while scuba diving, but can be done while diving on surface supply, snorkeling, swimming, from a submersible or remotely operated underwater vehicle, or from automated cameras lowered from the surface.

Underwater photography can also be categorised as an art form and a method for recording data.

Successful underwater imaging is usually done with specialized equipment and techniques. However, it offers exciting and rare photographic opportunities. Animals such as fish and marine mammals are common subjects, but photographers also pursue shipwrecks, submerged cave systems, underwater “landscapes”, invertebrates, seaweeds, geological features, and portraits of fellow divers.


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As the maddening voices fade away,

is it silence or insanity, I wonder,

creeping in, instead? If I had a lake

to look into its softly cascading water,

what would have greeted my weary human eyes?

A madman or a Narcissus, perhaps!


Was it because I kept on asking why,

over and over again? I confess,

nothing was ever granted for me in life,

except the urge to explore relentless

the borders and the continents of human souls – 

their varied plains, meadows, hills and countless river streams!


But once I saw those contrasts were more feigned than natural,

life soon became a nightmare that started as a cozy dream!

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“Bob Seger – We’ve Got Tonight (The Wonder years)”

“We’ve Got Tonite” (sic) is a song written by American Bob Seger, from his 1978 album Stranger in Town. It was a hit single for Seger and the Silver Bullet Band, reaching No. 13 on the U.S. pop charts. In the UK, it reached No. 41 in 1979, later making it to No. 22 during a 1995 re-release to promote a Greatest Hits album, while in 1982 a live version from the in-concert album Nine Tonight reached No. 60.

It also played in the background of Melissa Sue Anderson’s 1979 TV film Survival of Dana, in a scene where Anderson’s character was visiting one of her new friends’ homes and was in a room with co-star Robert Carradine’s character Donny Davis, whom she was falling for.[1]


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“It’s a Beautiful Day” is a song by Canadian singer Michael Bublé, released as the first single from his eighth studio album, To Be Loved. The single was released on iTunes on February 25, 2013.[2] It peaked at number ten on the UK Singles Chart and it was certified gold by the Federation of the Italian Music Industry.[3] The song also charted to top five in Belgium, Finland, Indonesia and Japan.

Critical reception 

“It’s a Beautiful Day”

Music blog POP! Goes the Charts described the song as “surprisingly cheerful”, noting its full arrangement and descriptive lyrics, and concluding that it would be a “huge seller”.[4]

Music video 
A music video to accompany the release of “It’s a Beautiful Day” was first released onto YouTube on March 25, 2013 at a total length of three minutes and fifty-one seconds.[5]


The video shows Bublé arriving at a home to find his on-screen girlfriend, played by Jaime Pressly, enjoying a kiss with Jesse Heiman. As he enters the house and sees them kissing, he asks: “What’s going on?”. His girlfriend quickly responds, “have you met my yoga instructor?”, while Jesse, puts his hands together and says “Namaste”. Looking bemused, Bublé shakes his head saying “It’s awesome, it’s all good, it’s all good” before walking out the house. He walks out into the street where he passes a number of women doing various things, some of whom stop and look back at him. As the chorus kicks in he’s joined by women in ring master costumes who do a routine with him, while confetti falls around them. The video also features an animated bird which lands on his hand, a rainbow and a unicorn shaped cloud. The video continues with Bublé sitting in kissing booth, with a long line of women waiting to share a kiss with him before he passes a woman who is paddling her feet in a large martini glass, as a paper Chinese Dragon weaves around him. Finally he finds himself back at his house where his girlfriend is leaning out the window. As he sings to her she falls out but an unconcerned Bublé just shrugs and walks on. As he hits the road once again, walking toward the viewer, the video ends rather dramatically with explosions and fire erupting behind him.[6]



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