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“ How to make three kinds of Kopai” 

“ How to make three kinds of Kopai” 





  20 mins


1 hour 45 mins


2 hours 5 mins

Serves: 4


  • 2 racks (4 lb)
  • baby back ribs or 4 lb regular spare ribs
  • salt
  • pepper
  • Sauce:
  • 1 cup pureed peaches*
  • ⅓ cup ketchup
  • ⅓ cup cider vinegar
  • 5 garlic cloves, minced
  • 2 tbs soy sauce
  • ½ cup brown sugar
  • 2 tsp ginger


  1. *Strained baby food peaches are fine, but you can also puree drained, canned peaches in a blender, strainer attachement or Ninja
  2. Preheat oven to 450 degrees F. Line a large baking pan with aluminum foil (for easy clean up).
  3. Mix all sauce ingredients in a small bowl.
  4. Cut ribs into serving portions, single ribs for regular spare ribs and 2 ribs for baby backs. Lay ribs in a single layer in prepared baking pan. Sprinkle with salt and pepper.
  5. Bake at 450 degrees F for 15 minutes. Remove from oven, drain all liquid from the pan and reduce oven temp to 350 degrees F.Pour sauce over ribs and cover pan with foil. Place in 350 degree oven and bake for 1½ hours, basting with sauce every 30 minutes. Remove foil cover during last 30 minutes of baking time.Coat ribs with thickened sauce in the bottom of the pan and serve immediately.SLOW COOKERPlace all ingredients in slow cooker and cook for 6-8 hours on low. Sauce may be reduced in a saucepan on the stovetop if desired.


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“Submerged In the Ithaa Undersea Restaurant!”

“Submerged In the Ithaa Undersea Restaurant!”

Ithaa, which means mother-of-pearl in an undersea restaurant located 5 metres (16 ft) below sea level at the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island in  Alif Dhaal Atoll in the Republic of Maldives.

The 5-by-9-metre (16 by 30 ft) mostly acrylic structure, has a capacity of 14 people and is encased in R-Cast acrylic with a transparent roof offering a 270°panoramic underwater view.

The restaurant was designed and constructed by M.J. Murphy Ltd – a design consultancy based in New Zealand – and was opened on in April 2005, describing itself as the world’s first undersea restaurant. Food served in the restaurant has changed over the years and has more recently been described as contemporary

European withAsian influences.

Ithaa’s entrance is a spiral staircase in a thatched pavilion at the end of a jetty. The tsunami which followed the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake topped at 0.31 metres (1 ft 0 in) below the staircase entrance, and caused no damage to the restaurant.

The restaurant is also used for private parties and weddings.[3] In April 2010, to celebrate Ithaa’s 5th anniversary, the restaurant could be booked as an overnight residence. This “underwater suite” promotion continued until April 2011.[4]

If you’re venturing to the Maldives, you’re guaranteed a stunning getaway. Ithaa is widely considered the most beautiful restaurant in the world. Located in the Hilton Maldives Resort and Spa, Ithaa sits about 16 feet below the surface of the Indian Ocean, with enough space for just 14 people. Dinner will run nearly $400 a guest, but the 270-degree panoramic view alone is worth it.


Going deeper underwater…here:

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“The Ultimate Dining Experience: A Rock And A Hard Place”  

“The Ultimate Dining Experience: A Rock And A Hard Place”  

Yes, it is a cave…   a hollow place in the ground.   Specifically,  a natural underground space large enough for a human to enter. Caves form naturally by the weathering of rock and often extend deep underground. The word cave can also refer to much smaller openings such as sea cavesrock shelters, and grottos.

It is estimated that the maximum depth of a cave cannot be more than 3,000 metres (9,800 ft) due to the pressure of overlying rocks. For karst caves the maximum depth is determined on the basis of the lower limit of karst forming processes, coinciding with the base of the soluble carbonate rocks.

Most caves are formed in limestone by dissolution.

But check this cave out:

Stunning views over the Adriatic, a warm summer night’s breeze and world class dining – the only thing the Grotta Palazzese is missing is four walls.

This enchanting restaurant in Polignano a Mare in Southern Italy was built inside a cave centuries ago, allowing for one of the world’s most unique dining experiences.
Carved from the cliff face’s limestone, the restaurant juts out 74 feet above sea level, allowing diners to watch the waves lap the shores just beneath them.

Yes, ‘Breathtaking’: A Restaurant Grotto, situated in a limestone cave in Southern Italy

And, it is also ‘Stunning’: It is just 74 ft above sea level, allowing diners to watch the waves lap the shores below

The dramatic view over the sea is best viewed from one of the dimly-lit tables for two that sweep along the cave’s edge.


As they take in the sea view, they can enjoy dishes such as Thai squid and grilled garlic prawns with glasses of Fiano di Avellino(and so much more) – at more than $100 a head.   Right here:

World class: Dishes include Thai squid and grilled garlic prawns, and meals can cost $100 a head
Atmospheric: The dimly-lit tables for two along the water's edge offer the most romantic seats in the house
Atmospheric: The dimly-lit tables for two along the water’s edge offer the most romantic seats in the house

And if diners want to work up an appetite before the meal, they can meander through the narrow streets of the medieval town, built on sheer cliffs with scattered white buildings and natural caves.

The setting also provided a feast for the eyes for local nobility during grand banquets at the restaurant as far back as the 1700s.

The grotta – Italian for ‘cave’ – is part of the Grotta Palazzese hotel, which is located above and built from local stone. The restaurant is open from May to October.

Cave: The restaurant, which is only open in the summer months, is situated beneath a hotel
Cave: The restaurant, which is only open in the summer months, is situated beneath a hotel
Quiet: The restaurant, near Bari in Southern Italy, offers spacious tables and an ever-changing menu
Quiet: The restaurant, near Bari in Southern Italy, offers spacious tables and an ever-changing menu
Tranquil: Diners can enjoy dinner while overlooking the still Adriatic sea
Tranquil: Diners enjoy dinner while overlooking the still, Adriatic sea


“Brunch/Lunch in the Sky (150 to 200 feet)”

IT’S TRENDING…  More and more, people are going out to eat, hundreds of feet above the earth’s surface.

Dinner/Dining in the Sky
 is a Belgian based novelty restaurant service which uses a crane to hoist its diners, table, and waiting staff 150 feet into the air.[1]Forbes magazine called it one of the world’s ten most unusual restaurants.[1]Dinner in the Sky has mobile services available in 15 nations, and has operations in various cities including Paris[2] and Las Vegas.

In 2007, David Ghysels, the owner of a marketing and communications company, partnered with Stefan Kerkhofs, a bungee jumping organizer, to create an aerial-based dinner for the Jeunes Restaurateurs d’Europe association. Shortly afterwards, Ghysels and Kerkhofs began receiving telephone calls from people around the world who wished to replicate their aerial dinner concept; the two men subsequently chose to franchise their idea.[4] Ghysels said, “It’s a little surreal, but we realised people were getting bored with just going to the same old restaurants. They wanted to try something different. So we decided to push the boundaries. The sky’s the limit!”[1]

In 2008, Las Vegas resident Michael Hinden and his wife Janeen discovered Dinner in the Sky during a trade fair.[4]On December 31, 2008, the Hindens tested the concept in Las Vegas as part of a New Year’s Eve party for their friends and business partners.[4][5] In March 2009, Michael Hinden began operating a Las Vegas-based Dinner in the Sky on West Sahara Avenue during weekends.[6]

By August 2009, Dinner in the Sky operated in more than a dozen countries, including Canada and China. At that time, Hinden planned to move his restaurant to the Las Vegas Strip, at the site of a vacant building previously used as a sales office for the nearby Trump International Hotel. Hinden, who had 15 employees working for his restaurant service, hoped to begin operating six days a week at the new location.      

However, Steve Wynn, owner of the Wynn and Encore properties across the street, objected to the plan, calling Dinner in the Sky a “carnival-like attraction.”[6] Boyd Gaming also opposed the relocation, which would place the restaurant near its Echelon Place project.[7] Hinden’s relocation plans were rejected by county officials who noted safety concerns and felt that such a restaurant did not belong on the Las Vegas Strip.[8]

In January 2013, plans were underway for a new, permanent location in Las Vegas, near City Center. The new location was to cost $4 million, and would include the conversion of an office into a ground-based restaurant and bar.[9] A groundbreaking ceremony for the Las Vegas location took place in June 2013.[10] The Las Vegas restaurant was the company’s first permanent location.[4]



Breakfast/Brunch/Dinner at Haunted New Orleans’ Myrtle Plantation… Would you, really?

The Myrtles Plantation is a historic home and former antebellum plantation in St. Francisville, LouisianaUnited States. Built in 1796 by General David Bradford, it is touted as “one of America’s most haunted homes.”

The plantation house is rumored to be on top of an ancient Tunica Indian burial ground. It is currently a bed and breakfast, and offers historical and mystery tours. Touted as “one of America’s most haunted homes”, the plantation is supposedly the home of at least 12 ghosts.[12] It is often reported that 10 murders occurred in the house,[12] but historical records only indicate the murder of William Winter.[6]William Drew Winter is also a very popular character in the plantation. He was an attorney who lived in the plantation from 1865 until 1871. He was shot by a stranger. After being shot, he staggered inside the house and died trying to climb the stairs. He died on the 17th step of the stairs. Until today, visitors, as well as employees in the hotel, still hear his dying footsteps.[13]

In 2002, Unsolved Mysteries filmed a segment about the alleged hauntings at the plantation. According to host Robert Stack, the production crew experienced technical difficulties during the production of the segment. The Myrtles was also featured on a 2005 episode of Ghost Hunters.[14][15] The TV series Ghost Adventures also filmed an episode there.


The current plantation landscape is centered on a large pond that features a small island centered with a gazebo accessed by a bridge. To the rear of the main house is the oldest structure on the grounds. Now known as the General’s Store, this was where General Bradford lived while the main house was being built. Currently it is used as the gift shop, laundry facilities, plantation offices and guest breakfast spot.[4] To the south is another structure that houses a restaurant. The two ancillary buildings are connected to the main house by a 5,000 square feet (460 m2) old brick courtyard. Scattered elsewhere on the grounds are modern wooden cottages available to guests.

Would you venture an overnight at this frightful haunted plantation, for a delightful Cajun breakfast or delicious Sunday brunch? Maybe you can be taken simply for a slice of the plantation’s yummy cheesecake.



Coffee Fellowship And Hospitality … All Drinks Are Welcome!

Coffee Fellowship And Hospitality … All Drinks Are Welcome!




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“113 Pancakes Eaten in 8 Minutes (NEW World Record)” 

For starters..

Here is How to Apply for a Guinness World Record:

Got an idea for a Guinness World Record but don’t know how to get it verified? Whether you’re planning on breaking an existing record or you’ve come up with a crazy new one, it’s not difficult to send in your record and get it approved. Plus, it won’t cost anything (unless you request an adjudicator, which will be explained later, for a small fee). Anyone can apply, but those under 18 must get approval from a parent or legal guardian first. Read the following article to learn how you can apply and increase your chances of having your very own Guinness World Record title under your belt. Learn more from source…


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