“The Free Movement – I found Someone of my Own”

I’ve Found Someone of My Own” is a song written by Frank F. Robinson and performed by The Free Movement. It reached #5 on the Billboard Hot 100, #7 on the US adult contemporary chart, and #20 on the US R&B chart in 1971.

The song was featured on their 1972 album,I’ve Found Someone of My Own.source

2 thoughts on ““The Free Movement – I found Someone of my Own”

  1. I was looking at the album cover and song title….I knew the song, but I couldn’t remember. Tried to play it in my head, finally listened to your recording. Then it came to me. I was in the Marine Corps, stationed in Okinawa around ’71-’72. I used to frequent a culture-cult jazz club in Koza City (I was one of just a few a visiting foreigners) that seemed to have an endless stream of amazing local talent. Between live sets they’d play a mix of pop music….and that was the first time I heard the song. There you go. ;)

    1. It is nice to know that you remembered, Rob. The song tells of a strange relationship change. The Marine Corps has to be filled with good memories. Thank you for your feedback. Cheers to your having an awesome weekend ! ❤

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