“Y.M.C.A.” the Village People

Village People is an American disco group best known for their on-stage costumes, catchy tunes, and suggestive lyrics. The group was originally formed by French producers Jacques Morali, Henri Belolo and lead singer Victor Willis following the release of the debut album Village People, which targeted disco’s gay audience. source

8 thoughts on ““Y.M.C.A.” the Village People

    1. If I’m not mistaken, there is a biography available which tells of the groups manager and the schemes he would employ to promote the group. Also, I once read the personality of the executive of the group’s recording label, Casablanca (same label as the band Kiss, believe it or not!) was just as, if not, more bizarrely flamboyant than the group and its manager combined!

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    2. I agree, and considering what my research has revealed regarding the true nature of the music and entertainment industry, parents should be compelled in advising all young prospects to run away as fast as possible and look for another profession.

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