On The Day That Scott Evans Moved To Gallier Street, All Of The Neighbors Were Peeping Out Their Windows

Who was this eccentric man, Scott? He drove an old pickup truck, appeared to be loner and just did not look adequate.


Neighbors on Gallier Street were feeling a bit unsure watching the big, stocky, beer belly, receding hairline, ‘zonked-out’ looking fellow move tirelessly to and from his truck, garage and house.

Was Scott way out of the league of his new neighbors? The Gallier Street homes were elegantly polished, 2-storied with plush, manicured lawns and nestled around a shady, spacious and green public park.

Scott wore a blue jeans that were way too small, and a small sport shirt that rose up on his protruding gut. Soon it became apparent that Scott was unloading miscellaneous furniture, tables, chairs, a grille, giant coffeemaker, cookware, plates and cups. Scotts’ moving in became even more suspicious when he started arranging tables and chairs.

What added to the suspense was Scott carrying bottles of wine, trays and boxes of foods. Now it all seemed like a party preparation.

  1. The Courtesy of Pinterest

Within a couple of hours……

Scott had meat grilling and coffee and other foods setup and ready. Afterall, Scott did have a wife and she arrived just in to put out furnishings and other items that people would be in at she and Scott’s sale. Slowly and surely, neighbors came out of their homes, introduced themselves to Scott and his wife.

So, Scott’s move to Gallier Street turned into one big, barbeque grilling, block party, garage sale and welcome celebration. It extended into the park and all of the neighbors and community pitched in…

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How To Throw A Killer Garage Sale

By Thorin Klosowski

Here’s How To Do It!

If you live on a street that gets a lot of foot traffic you can pretty much throw your stuff onto the corner and call it a day, but if you don’t have that luxury you need to plan a little bit ahead of time. So, before we get into how to actually throw your garage sale, we have to advertise it as best as possible.

image source

Here’s a step by step guide:

  1. Put posters everywhere: Put posters up in your neighborhood, at community centers, and local shops.
  2. Advertise online: Put a posting on Craigslist, eBayClassifieds, and YardSaleSearch. Don’t just post “Cool furniture.” The more descriptive you are of your actual merchandise the better chances you have to reel people in. Have an antique Herman Miller chair? Mention that—even it’s beaten up and covered in a thick layer of cat hair. Read more at: article source
  3. Mention snacks: The promise of snacks can draw pretty much anyone to anything.
  4. Include all the details: Finally, make sure to include your full address, time of the sale, and the date (Don’t write “today.” That means nothing to a random passerby. Fridays and Saturdays are supposedly the best) of the sale. Give it a few days to seep in, Read more at: article source

“Garage Sale, Yard Sale, Block Party Or Estate Sale, Make-It-Fun!









7 thoughts on “On The Day That Scott Evans Moved To Gallier Street, All Of The Neighbors Were Peeping Out Their Windows

    1. Happy blessed Sunday Carol! Yard sales are awesome. Incentives are unlimited. I always have my sales as one big party. To be successful at this I think we would have to give a round of applauds to the drive-in theater swapmeets of the 1960s throughout the late 1990s These were phenomenal..

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    2. These days most people use Facebook sites to sell unwanted items, but I do like driving around and stopping at yard sales, there is just something about it that makes me happy – and if I am fortunate to find a “treasure” so much more so. :)

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Right you ar Jacquie and this is also a great concept for a neighbirhood book fair/book drive. or any type of book promotional. But dirty-food fingers and books are an imperfect match. There are resolves. ☕❤☕

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