Lost InFlight

Sleep-walking passenger

Asian middle age woman who gets tiredimage credit: MIYA227

“About two hours into a flight from Los Angeles to Hong Kong, a passenger came up to a flight attendant in a complete panic because she’d left her husband behind in the airport in L.A.,” Boland tells Reader’s Digest. While the befuddled crew was checking the passenger manifest for the husband’s name, the passenger completely snapped out of her panic. Turned out she’d been sleepwalking. Her husband was right on the plane, thankfully, Boland adds, “because even if it had been true, we couldn’t have turned back for him.”


14 thoughts on “Lost InFlight

  1. Wow! That’s amazing. We hear about sleep walking but I have never experienced it and never witnessed it either. It’s interesting how the flight attendant believed what the sleep walker was saying. I guess it must be hard to tell.

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    1. I have had my flying experiences shortly before 9-11. On 9-11, I was headed in that same direction but had a change of mind. A co-worker headed that way instead. Not knowing the evils, I offered my travel prayer. The co-worker missed the 9-11 plane hijackings, totally. Today, I prefer cruises. ❤

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    2. My husband was a truck driver at that time and had gotten hurt during a trip to Texas. He was flying home, but because of circumstances his flight was delayed. Thankfully he arrived without incident. That was a terrible time and one that will not be forgotten by anyone who lived through it. We lived in Newfoundland then and several American planes were directed to Stephenville where we lived. I am so sorry you continue to be affected, but it is totally understandable. Wishing you peace and blessings.

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