When I Am Not Fully Awake, I Am Half Asleep…!”

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Every weekday morning my desk is the stopover hangout. And Mondays were especially fused with interesting conversations about our activities over the weekend. Co-workers, arrogantly competed to spotlight their venture. As the staff stood around my work area talking, they inadvertently place their coffee on my clean spacious desk.


But, I didn’t mind eventhough I was tired and sleepy. Honestly, on Mondays and mornings, I am out of sync, foggy unclear.

On this one particular morning, I was entralled by all of the interesting conversations when the aroma of coffee heightened my senses, entranced me into an intimate fuzziness, I believe to be a dream state. Let’s say, “I was in a coffee heaven”.

Suddenly, I was having a weird experience. All that I could hear were conversations, which had faded into the background. And in the foreground words began to oscillate from one conversation to the other. I was helplessly hallucinating.

Virgil was talking about the Baby Grand Piano he bought his younger daughter.

And Laura then began saying that her mother-in-law made the best pound cakes ever.

My head was spinning!

Then, I felt myself leaning forward and I began sipping coffee, one by one, from … everyone’s cup.

The conversations went to a solid halt. And then I heard voices saying “Hey! Hey! They were all in shock and just stared at me. At that moment, I became fully awake. I just sat there and said nothing.

Call me awkward or dense-headed! But, from that experience, I now know that coffee makes me crazy!

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19 thoughts on “When I Am Not Fully Awake, I Am Half Asleep…!”

    1. Thank you for reading and enjoying. I suppose it would be an embarassing situation for anyone. I am thankful that this was not one of my morning wakeups.


    1. So do I Anthony and all of the fixins. Thanks also for your follow. Thank our reading this share. We are in trouble crossing the line by drinking other people’s coffee. Hahaha. Right?


  1. Lovely! Hey, I seem to have lost half my following once I changed my URL, it would be great if you could help me get my followers back. If you like my posts, please follow? (Formerly Lilrant.) thank you!


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