WaKe U-u-p!!

05 May
WaKe U-u-p!!

Sure you’re dreaming about coffee AGAIN…. But first, you must wake up if you want some.

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15 responses to “WaKe U-u-p!!

  1. steveknife

    04/10 at 0:00

    Ready for a cup! 🍮

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  2. koolkosherkitchen

    04/10 at 0:00

    Oh, and I was expecting Jim Morrison: Wake up! Listen to the Texas radio and the big beat!
    That’s ok, still love you, darling!

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  3. iglengel

    04/10 at 0:00

    I am enjoying your posts and have a question for you about your site – where do you obtain the pictures you use in your posts. I love to include pictures with my posts but only use those obtained from so that I do not run into copyright infringement laws. But your pictures and others I have seen on other blog sites are so much better than the ones I choose.

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    • America On Coffee

      04/10 at 0:00

      Thank you kindly for your visit and inquiry. However, AOC is not an expert at online resourcing and does not the authority to advise. Please go to the photo you wish to use or share for its own policies and restrictions. And opportune yourself to the. many exclusive online photo resources for free and paid accesses . Best Regards.

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  4. iglengel

    04/10 at 0:00

    Okay. Thanks for the information.

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  5. The Bubbly,Tipsy Mermaid (TIB)

    04/10 at 0:00

    I feel and hear ya!

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  6. map195

    04/10 at 0:00




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