Here are 22 subtle signs that your coworkers hate you.

Especially when…

“Your gut tells you that they don’t like you.”

By Áine Cain


Disliked in the office?
Haters gonna hate, right?

In our personal lives, it’s easier to dismiss people who don’t like us. But at work, being widely disliked can pose a larger problem.

Lynn Taylor, a national workplace expert and the author of “Tame Your Terrible Office Tyrant: How to Manage Childish Boss Behavior and Thrive in Your Job,” says:

“Most coworkers won’t overtly show their disdain for you so as not to cause trouble or jeopardize their own careers. They may make life difficult for you, but they’ll probably try to stay under the radar. Still, there are subtle red flags that they’re not out for your best interests.”

You’ll want to know those signs, says Taylor, so you can spot them when they’re present and turn things around before it’s too late.

“Of course, it’s impossible to be liked by everyone in the office,” she says.

But you should always strive to be sensitive to the needs of your fellow coworkers, remain upbeat and friendly, communicate openly, and give colleagues the benefit of the doubt.

“Those who do this have a far brighter career future,” she says. “Plus, when [we] have strong, healthy workplace relationships, you will be more effective and accomplished in your job.”

Michael Kerr, an international business speaker and author of “The Humor Advantage,” agrees.

“When your coworkers like you, everything becomes easier,” he says. “People have your back when you need it the most, you can ask for and get favors more easily, people will volunteer to help in times of need, and you can get far better cooperation even across departments.”

Being well-liked will boost your morale, which in turn will make you more productive, focused, creative, and successful in everything you do, he says.

There are subtle signs that your coworkers secretly hate you. Keep in mind that you may just be misreading their body language or tone – the workplace is certainly not immune to human misunderstanding and no one’s a mind reader.

But if you notice that you’re the only victim of these behaviors, then it probably means that they don’t like you.

1. Your gut tells you that they don’t like you.

2. They steal credit for your ideas.

3. They can’t maintain eye contact with you.

4. They stare right at you.

5. They don’t smile when you’re around.

6. They’re short with you.

7. They never include you in their office bantering or humor.

8. They avoid you

9. They feed the rumor mill.

10. They assume unauthorized power.

11. They don’t acknowledge your presence.

12. They never invite you to social events.

13. They give off negative body language.

14. They get defensive around you.

15. They communicate with you primarily by email, even though you sit close by.

16. They constantly disagree with you.

17. They create cliques that are reminiscent of high school.

18. They never ask about your personal life.

19. They never make you or your work a priority.

20. They throw you under the bus
a mistake?

21. They try to encourage you to leave the company.

22. There’s a fundamental lack of trust.

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    1. I would say that each situation has its uniqueness. I am sure that many targeted, workplace attitudes go unnotice until they just simply disappear. Have yourself a great weekend as well!

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