16 thoughts on “Leonard Cohen – Dance Me To The End of Love

  1. Did you know this song was written about The Holocaust? When people realize that it makes the lyric even more ‘beautiful’ and thought provoking ~ Zoolon aka George

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    1. I did George, but chose not to incorporate it here. But I love the way you have profoundly expressed your interpretation of the lyrical association. It is so astonishing, George how beauty and refinement can result from (not all) some aspects of suffering. An example, is the beauty of music and dance of African Americans, that was uniquely refined when used as a relief from rigorous labor. I supose there are many mysteries about the human spirit. 💕

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    2. At university, studying music I often took extra time out to see how lyrics of the great lyricists evolved. I was brought up on Cohen – in the car; in the house; even in the toilet; just about everywhere because my dad – who I know follows your blog is addicted – and originally hated his work because it was always in my face. Now I think his simple melody he used could have done so much more, piano especially, violin even more than he came to use it. As far as the lyrics are concerned all I can say is ‘immaculate’ – Sisters of Mercy especially. The mixing, by his son on the last album is amazing ~ George

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    3. When we are in our youth, our preoccupations often denote our future careers and occupations. Cohen has been known for his free-spirited music, and has entertained as though he was on another realm. Your style of music, George, has similar traits with being beautifully calming and very unique.
      Your feedback here has revealed your rooted refinement. And, how nice it is to know that your dad follows AOC. Love and Hugs to you and your dad! Cheers!

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