73 thoughts on “America On Coffee – Rising To The Call Of Each Day

    1. It is happening to each and every one of us, spiritually. How we invest and divest in our human interactions, can breed mysterious social consequences. If bad builds up, most everyone will be in it or, affected by it. Super thanks for stopping by Teagan! 😎❤❤❤❤❤

  1. May this Christmas holidays give you
    Wonderful time and Happiness
    to become a the golden memories for tomorrow.
    Wishing you lots of joy, love and happiness
    Merry Christmas!!
    Nicki with family…

    1. Thank you Nicki for your visit, your kind thoughts and words!! Love, hugs, cheers snd the very best wishes, well into another new year!!💕💕💕❤😄💕💕💕❤💕💕💕

  2. The Home for Homeless art is impressive. Homeless in America is a complicated issue and there are so many stories behind it. Portland, Oregon has a project to build tiny houses (enough to have a bed) for the homeless. I stopped by a Mission that provides meal and basic needs in sample sizes once a week. There’s so much more we could do. I appreciate your project.

    1. Thank you Miriam for stopping in and expressing your views on this crisis. Homelessness is a situation that many who are doing well and fine could care less about a remedy. I say we are all in this together. There could be a catastrophe so devastating that everyone can become homeless. Even the most wealthy. Building tiny houses is fine, but we need to rebuild human respect and love., in a very big way. We can only pray and hope for God’s love and protection, but His grace begins within each of us. Peace, love and many blessings to you, Miriam, always.☕❤☕

    2. In Los Angeles, there was a homeless person found because someone recognized his golden voice when he was doing broadcasting. He was offered the opportunity to get back on his feet. He tried and couldn’t make it.
      Yes, many people lost everything over night and end up homeless. I also watched the news that two girls left a warm home, traveled many states away and wanted to try to be “white trash.”
      Yes, the homelessness is a complicated issue. <3 :-)

    3. Miriam it happens in so many ways. The imbalance is not down on one’s luck, nor is it bad luck. The problem is that world is cold with the genuineness of charity. Eventhough many people are giving, they are grabbing up more than they are giving. Greed runs rampant in our would today. The desire for much, comes at the evil deceptivel price of robbing, stealing and killing (either/or/all). All of the previous, are parts of greed. The urge is desperation. And this immediacy is often for drugs, for the maintenance of status and power or to acquire it. There are no good stories that have driven millions of people into homelessness, worldwide in the mix here, the abused. Spousal abuse, child abuse, family abuse, drug abuse, financial abuse, discriminations,fraud, lawlessness. All are abuses. The America that I knew, would have infiltrated the streets with tasks forces to remedy this grave, mustering hunan condtion But it has not happened in volume as needed. Homeless shelters give a lot of refuge but they cannot reach the magnitude nor the indepthness of the homeless epidemic. My answer is prayer with all good works. ❤

    4. Miriam, you are so humbled and kind. I enjoyed so very much chatting with you… and look forward to more chats. It is indeed a pleasure to have you as a friend. Have an awesome week!💕👍

    1. Kind gestures are heavenly. Heavenly is Big! Many, many appreciative thanks for fortifying AOC’s ‘ efforts!! I believe our hearts will open up more and more and many sufferings will go away. ❤our merge is into … one, big heart!

  3. Very inspiring thing to do, to combine creativity and art and altruism in helping those that need the help the most. And I know, I was also a homeless in my own country for three years or so…

    1. Thank you kindly for visiting and giving your feedback. I try hard to keep within a homeless mindset .. away from the concepts and graspings of wealth. Ourselves and our world are both encountering a great fall. In our fast-paced cyber/automated busyness, much more will come as a BIG surprise. I believe (in this Holy life test) God is going to show us that we are so much a part of one another to be united in him through Christ. It’s going to be very real and intense in these times of all time!❤🙏💕

    1. Thank you kindly. You are very welcome. Your visit is also a blessing because you understand what is in our hearts. The more that we share our mission, the more we can aid in igniting the human spirit with the fire of love (which consumes the errors of our own human ways).

    1. Thank you Christopher for stopping in and reflecting on this sad human condition. Yes, Teagan is right! And, AOC truly believes that empathy can knock on the doors of hearts that are shut blind. Thank you again, Chris, for your response!!

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