“♫ The Mamas And The Papas ♪ California Dreamin’ ♫ 

19 May


The Mamas & the Papas were an American folk rock vocal group that recorded and performed from 1965 to 1968, reuniting briefly in 1971. They released five studio albums and seventeen singles, six of which made the top ten and sold close to 40 million records worldwide.[1] The group was composed of John Phillips (1935–2001), Denny Doherty (1940–2007), Cass Elliot (1941–1974), and Michelle Phillips née Gilliam (b. 1944). Their sound was based on vocal harmonies arranged by John Phillips,[2] the songwriter, musician, and leader of the group who adapted folk to the new beat style of the early sixties.

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4 responses to ““♫ The Mamas And The Papas ♪ California Dreamin’ ♫ 

  1. Women With Gifts

    FriAmerica/Los_Angeles2015-12-25T13:07:21+00:00America/Los_Angeles12bAmerica/Los_AngelesFri, 25 Dec 2015 13:07:21 +0000 31, at 1:07 pm

    Golden oldie love this song

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  2. reocochran

    MonAmerica/Los_Angeles2017-06-19T19:09:58+00:00America/Los_Angeles06bAmerica/Los_AngelesMon, 19 Jun 2017 19:09:58 +0000 31, at 7:09 pm

    This is a great song which really takes me back to summertime and daydreams. 🎶🌞

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  3. America On Coffee

    MonAmerica/Los_Angeles2017-06-19T19:15:14+00:00America/Los_Angeles06bAmerica/Los_AngelesMon, 19 Jun 2017 19:15:14 +0000 31, at 7:15 pm

    Those are good places to be ….SMILES! Thanks reocochran. for stopping by and commenting!

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  4. reocochran

    MonAmerica/Los_Angeles2017-06-19T20:53:10+00:00America/Los_Angeles06bAmerica/Los_AngelesMon, 19 Jun 2017 20:53:10 +0000 31, at 8:53 pm

    Oh, you can call me Robin xo 💐

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