“Julia Zahra – She’s a lady – De Beste Zangers van (Best Singers)   …” 

02 May

Julia Zahra (born July 28, 1995 in Indianapolis, USA) is a Dutch singer-songwriter with influences of pop, soul, rock and reggae.

Julia van der Toorn won a big publicity in 2013 as the youngest winner of The Voice of Holland [3] and in the year 2015 as the winner of the TV show De Beste Zangers van Nederland [4]. The singer presented sensitive ballads, rhythmic pop rock and R & B. Since March 2015, Julia van der Toorn has appeared under the artist Julia Zahra. She is also regularly on stage with the artist information Jellyfish in concert [5] [6] and Will Nuruwe & Friends.

The Voice of Holland (2013)
On 20 December 2013 Julia van der Toorn won the singing castingshow The Voice of Holland with 51.2 per cent of the audience votes at the age of 17. She is thus the youngest overall winner of the show. With their interpretation of Oops! … I Did It Again and Empire State of Mind convinced her in the Blind Auditions all four coaches and joined the team of Marco Borsato. Your debut single Oops! … I Did It Again (2013) and her debut album Julia van der Toorn (2014) reached the top of the Dutch charts right away.


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