“Enzo Enzo –  Juste Quelqu’un De Bien –  (Just a nice person)”

04 Aug

Körin Ternovtzeff, known as Enzo Enzo, born on 29 August 1959 in Paris, is a French singer-songwriter.


The future Enzo Enzo was born in a family of Russian origin. In 1978, while working occasionally as a traveling machinist on the lighting of the Téléphone group, she met the guitarist Olive, a childhood friend of Jean-Louis Aubert.

Olive then tries to set up her own band and decides to work with Körin. From 1981 to 1985, she will be bassist of the trio Lili Drop whose singer is Olive and the thresher Violaine. The group is very present on the French scene of the early 1980s and has some successes including On my mob. In 1982, under the name “Korin Noviz”, she recorded a first single with the tracks I want to play everything and China girl, Iggy Pop and David Bowie cover. The disc is directed by Laurent Sinclair, a member of Taxi Girl.

In 1984, she released a second single, this time under the name Enzo Enzo, on which we find the titles Snow White and Bird of Misfortune. In 1988, she released a third single: Pacifico. In 1990 released his first album, Enzo Enzo, directed by François Bréant, accompanied by Jean-Michel Kajdan, on guitar. It will be published in 100 000 copies. His first tour in 1992 took him on the roads of France and Europe as well as in Japan and Montreal for the local Francofolies. In 1993 she wrote the lyrics of the song of the film credits of Élie Chouraqui Les Marmottes. The music is by Gabriel Yared. In 1994, she released Deux, her second album, this time with 350,000 copies. The Victories of Music crown it Female Revelation of the Year and Best Song of the Year for Just Good Person, written by Kent. In April 1995, she appeared in her role of singer in the film Haut, Bas, Fragile, directed by Jacques Rivette, and interpreted some titles of the album Deux. The music of the film is by François Bréant. In February 1997 released Yes, his third album [Lequel?]. In 1998, she recorded the song of the credits of the telefilm La Clé des champs composed by Jean-Claude Vannier. She is selected in the category “Best Female Artist” at the Victoires de la musique. In October begins the tour Finally alone !, in duet with Kent. This tour ends in May 1999 and the album of the tour is published at the end of the year. In 2001 released his fourth solo album Le jour d’a côté directed by Jacques Bastello. Album with more pop settings than previous ones. A tour in Asia (Thailand, Cambodia, Burma, Singapore, Indonesia) and then in France. She was promoted to the same year as an officer of the Arts and Letters. necessary].

In 2004 released his fifth album: Paroli [1]. (This title is inspired by the expression Making a Paroli, which means playing and reinvesting as long as one gains in the jargon of the bettors. For the first time, Daniel Lavoie, Daniel Mille, and Serge Lama, A piano voice tour of more than three years follows the release of the album, in duo with the pianist Angelo Zurzolo.We rediscover an artist who has become mutinous and fulfilled, who drinks the water of flowers and falls asleep On the piano.

In 2006, she performed at the Sacred Music Festival of the World in Fez, Morocco, accompanied by a children’s choir and a string orchestra, she is the interpreter, on texts by Allain Leprest, of the Cantata for The Mediterranean mother commissioned to and composed by Romain Didier.

In December 2007, she released her sixth album “studio”: Chanson d’une maman (labeled “… for children who have moms and dads who like the songs of their dads and their mothers and vice versa.” Composed of a series of songs (published in the period 1931-1958 [2]) which enamelled the very youth of the singer by the voice of her parents and grandparents. The album was to transmit to future generations this patrimony of gay songs, light but not befitting and “charming and well written.” According to his words “These are not rhymes […] a little tartignoles […] [3] It was the pianist Angelo Zurzolo, who followed Enzo Enzo on his previous “piano voice” tour, ‘We have arrangements, recording and mixing of the album.

“Juste quelqu’un de bien” translated:  “Just a nice person”

Enzo Enzo”


Debout devant ses illusions

Une femme que plus rien ne dérange

Détenue de son abandon

Son ennui lui donne le change

Que retient elle de sa vie

Qu’elle pourrait revoir en peinture

Dans un joli cadre verni

En évidence sur un mur

Un mariage en Technicolor

Un couple dans les tons pastels

Assez d’argent sans trop d’efforts

Pour deux trois folies mensuelles

Elle a rêvé comme tout le monde

Qu’elle tutoierait quelques vedettes

Mais ses rêves en elle se fondent

Maint’nant son espoir serait d’être

Juste quelqu’un de bien

Quelqu’un de bien

Le cœur à portée de main

Juste quelqu’un de bien

Sans grand destin

Une amie à qui l’on tient

Juste quelqu’un de bien

Quelqu’un de bien

Il m’arrive aussi de ces heures

Où ma vie se penche sur le vide

Coupés tous les bruits du moteur

Lyrics in English

A woman that nothing disturbs

Detained from his abandonment

His boredom gives him the change

What she retains of her life

That she could review in painting

In a pretty varnished frame

Highlight on a wall

A Wedding in Technicolor

A couple in pastel shades

Enough money without too much effort

For two three monthly follies

She dreamed like everyone else

That it tutoierait some celebrities

But her dreams in her are based

Desiring his hope would be to be

Just someone good

A good person

The heart at your fingertips

Just someone good

Without great destiny

A friend who is

Just someone good

A good person

I also have these hours

Where my life looks at the void

Cut all engine noises

Above … 

Full lyrics on Google Play Music


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    good song

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      So glad you enjoyed curryNcode. :-)

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