“History of French Polynesia”

14 Jul


French Polynesia is a paradise so beautifully seascaped with an abundance of healing minerals, it has become known as the islands of natural, geothermal spas.

“Volcanic peaks and coral reefs, the heady smell of tropical flowers carried on a soft breeze, island music and dancing into the night, pristine white beaches and warm waters . . .The Caribbean? No, I’m talking about the South Pacific, a place that’s how the Caribbean used to be 20, even 50, years ago before the beaches got crowded and when visitors were rare enough to be treated like VIPs. Tahiti, Bora Bora. The very words conjure jewels of islands scattered through an immense ocean, shimmering turquoise lagoons teeming with iridescent fish and smiling people with a dance that sways like the palm trees. Among the last inhabited places on the planet to be discovered by Europeans they were thought to be an earthly paradise.They still are – and their very remoteness promises to keep them pristine and secluded for years to come.”



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