“Amour A Distance-Cindy Daniel”

14 Jul

Cindy Daniel (born May 6, 1986 in Montreal, Canada) is a Québécois singer.

After her debut album La petite indienne in 2002, the following year, she played the role of Elvira in the French Canadian musical version of Don Juan by Félix Gray. She also appeared on the album released on the occasion.

Signed to the Montreal-based independent record label MP3 Disques established by singer Mario Pelchat, she released two albums with the label, J’avoue in 2006 produced by Mario Pelchat and Le tout premier jour in 2008 also with Pelchat’s participation and the compilation Entre nous… 10 ans déjà! in 2011. She is very well known in the Quebec and French-Canadian public with her 2006 big hit “Sous une pluie d’étoiles” from her album J’avoue charting at top of the local charts. She was nominated for a Felix award nomination in ADISQ 2007. Many renowned artists have written for her including Johnny Hallyday, Jean-Jacques Goldman, Georges Moustaki, Louis Côté and Rick Allison. She has also taken small roles in a number of films.

Personal life 
Cindy’s family background are of Indian, Irish and Italian descent. Since December 2006, she is mother of one child.

Amour A Distance 

(English translations) LOVE AT A DISTANCE

Even if the distance can break couples,

Y’a that love that will keep us going …
1st couplet:

One day you meet this girl,

His beauty made you crazy,

Cupid I was his arrows,

And he took out his gun,

She lives but you do not care,

You believe in her, she believes in you,

As long as love remains strong,

Nothing separates you,

But at the slightest weakness,

The couple capsized,

Love will float on tears,

Coul’ras like a ship,

For the time being all is well,

You want her more and more,

Until the day you see her,

And you love it even more,

You take pictures of you,

Loving, kisses, grimaces,

You pass from laughter to tears,

Love makes your mask fall,

When she calls or connects you,

You always have something to say,

You could not lie to her,

So you love her to die,

Far from eyes close to the heart,

And you think it hard as a stone,

You engrave his name on walls,

Write it on whole sheets,

Her smile possesses you,

His laughter reasons in your head,

He says “I love you” on sms,

Lol oueii love makes beast

Even if the distance can break couples,

(I trust you)

Y’a that love that will hold us,

(You must keep your promises)

Even if the distance can break couples,

(You trust me)

There is love that will keep us going,

(‘I have to keep my promises)
2nd verse:

A love at a distance,

You lack cklins, lack of kisses,

If you want it’s his presence,

Its perfume makes you crazy,

His eyes miss you,

As if they allowed you to see,

When you get together,

Tears flow when you say goodbye,

Long phone calls,

You spend nights on windows live,

When the atmosphere is too hot,

The heart burns like lava,

Relation pationelle,

Basing on trust,

The slightest obstacle,

Will plunge you into mistrust,

For nothing you take the head,

You become paranoid,

Someone talks to him you hit him,

But you’re surrounded by cats,

Collects cups,

Not the strength to abstain,

What you do not know,

Because she too is lying,

Less and less you talk,

Even the more the desire to see each other,

All these promises, all these dreams,

Have turned to nightmares,

You who believed so strongly,

Give him your heart,

But you did not protect yourself,

And to break your heart.
They had promised never to leave,

(They have forgotten),

What we said was you and me, for eternity,

(Oueiii that is what we say)

We can not stand, all our promises,

( Unfortunately ),

All these I love you, so were not real …

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