“Fou Eteru – DEAR UA OU MISIA OE (cover-Mareko P – Eteru)  Dear I Miss You” 

30 Jun
“Fou Eteru – DEAR UA OU MISIA OE (cover-Mareko P – Eteru)  Dear I Miss You” 

Mark Sagapolutele[1] (born 15 June 1981), best known by his stage name Mareko, is a New Zealand rapper and hip hop artist of Samoan descent from South Auckland.

Mareko’s career began as a member of the Deceptikonz, a South Auckland rap crew. The group won accolades in 2001, receiving nominations for several New Zealand music awards. Mareko released a solo album, White Sunday, in 2003, which peaked at #4 in New Zealand.[2]Two singles from the album hit the New Zealand singles charts that year: “Mareko (Here to Stay)” (#4) and “Stop, Drop and Roll” (#6; credited to Mareko feat. Deceptikonz).[3] In 2006, Mareko returned to the charts with a guest appearance on Tha Feelstyle’s #17 single, “I Do Believe (Tha Remix)”.[3]

LYRICS:  “Dear I Miss You” translated to English

The feeling that my desire
For many days
In no my feelings
forget my vow
My beloved is

Considering, Dear, what have we done
As a burden I can not
The intuitive, Baby air, let answered
The force suffered
and weak

Can, Dear, a sleep
I miss you
The scent eating, my honey,
I want to see
Standing in my feelings
end my love
Are you aware of my desire,
Honey, you feel

I can hardly forgotten
Your beautiful days
Forget that one
What now I wait
for you dear

Admiration for you and hate
I love the double
As you heard, Baby air, let answered
The force trauma and fatigue


Baby is my prayer
God, immediately a day
The intuitive, Mahoney air, let out
Miss you, my love is near



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