14 May

“When my husband and I lived in Paris, I went to our neighborhood butcher shop on rue du Faubourg Saint Martin in the 10th arrondissement to buy some boudin noir to cook for dinner. I enjoyed the meal, but at 3 am my husband woke up with heart palpitations so bad he thought he was having a heart attack. I called SOS médecins (thank God French doctors make house calls 24 hours a day!) only to find out it was a serious case of heartburn. Needless to say, my husband won’t touch boudin noir again.”

Cuisses de grenouille

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According to The Guardian, the French began eating frog legs in the 12thcentury. Catholic church authorities in France were concerned that the monks were becoming overweight, and thus forbid them from eating meat on certain days. Some monks were able to get frog to pass as fish, not meat. Famished peasants caught on to the trend, and it eventually spread throughout the country and even became à la mode in the 17th century.

While visiting a French family in a small village an hour north of Montpellier, I was dutifully served cuisses de grenouille à la provençale (with butter, garlic and parsley). I found the tiny translucent legs to taste like something in between fish and chicken. I was also surprised by all the tiny bones.

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