“Amazing Underwater Museum Museo Atlantico” plus

12 May

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The Museum of the Atlantic is a cultural scene of Barranquilla , Colombia , dedicated to safeguarding the history and culture of the department of the Atlantic . It is located in 35th Street (San Blas), with race 39 (Ricaurte), in the building where for many years the governorship of the Atlantic operated. It was pre-inaugurated on September 20, 2011 by Governor Eduardo Verano de la Rosa and officially inaugurated on December 27, 2011. The investment of the project was 6,000 million Colombian pesos . [ 1 [ 2 ]

In the restored building there are also offices of cultural organizations, it has an auditorium for 450 people, exhibition rooms of works of art, the Museum of Natural History of the Caribbean and the Atlantic, a permanent pictorial exhibition of the department, an anthropological area of ​​origins Of the department of the Atlantic, and another section where objects of collection and historical documents donated by the exgovernadores of the department are exhibited. [ 3 ]

The museography and corporate image was in charge of Carlos Alberto Báez and Jorge Andrés Silva, through the design study MOLE. [ 4 ]

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