“Patty Pravo – Il venait d’avoir 18 ans(he had just turned 18)” 

05 May

Patty Pravo (born 9 April 1948; Nicoletta Strambelli) is an Italian singer. She debuted in 1966 and remained most successful commercially for the rest of the 1960s and throughout the 1970s. Having suffered a decline in popularity in the next decade,[1] she experienced a career revival in the mid-1990s and reinstated her position in Italian music charts. Her most popular songs include “La bambola” (1968), “Pazza idea” (1973), “Pensiero stupendo” (1978) and “…e dimmi che non vuoi morire” (1997). She has scored fourteen top 10 albums (including three number ones) and fourteen top 10 singles (including two number ones) in her native Italy. Pravo has participated in Sanremo Music Festival nine times, most recently in 2016, and have won three critics’ awards at the festival. She has also performed twelve times at Festivalbar. Patty Pravo is reportedly the third best-selling Italian artist of all time, after Mina and Adriano Celentano, having sold more than 110 million records as of 2014.[2]

English Lyrics: “He had just turned 18”

He had just turned eighteen
He was beautiful as a child
Strong as a man
It was summer obviously
And I counted on seeing it
My Fall Nights
I put my hair in order
A little more black on my eyes
It made him laugh
When he approached me
I would have given anything
To seduce him
He had just turned eighteen
It was the best argument of his victory
He did not tell me about love
He thought that the words of love
Are ridiculous
He said, “I want you”
He had seen in the cinema “Le Blé en herbe”
In the hollow of an improvised bed
I discovered, amazed
A beautiful sky
He had just turned eighteen
It made him almost insolent of certainty
And while he was dressing
Already defeated, I found my solitude again
I would have liked to retain it
Yet I let him go
Without making a gesture
He said, “It was not so bad”
With the infernal candor of his youth
I put my hair in order
A little more black on my eyes
By habit
I had forgotten
That I was twice eighteen

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One response to ““Patty Pravo – Il venait d’avoir 18 ans(he had just turned 18)” 

  1. hotfox63

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    La bambola !

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