“TOA ‘URA – O To’u ia Hiro’a” 

24 Apr
“TOA ‘URA – O To’u ia Hiro’a” 

About “Toa ‘ Ura and the Polynesian culture – promotes it to the maximum through its music and its dances.


Translated to English:  (…Is My Articles)

Dance, ballet and serenity 
of the fa’anara’a in trouble 
are ha’apeura’a for teenagers 
are getting the ‘Apa often hoho’ara’a ‘hanging manina, hair standing count
and hipahipa a visit to five
five fa’ari’ira’a, five gave
Judah the basic
dance, my article Hua’a flowers, wind the no’a no’a
on the pearl
Fa’aheira’a body,
beautiful woman
“has gone to the music as true as the fa’arapu interact with tu’itu’i the five publishers, and other fa’atere and two puarata, fever control, power pyramid pyramid ” 


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