Columbia Traditional Music… Feel The Rhythm! 

24 Apr
Columbia Traditional Music… Feel The Rhythm! 

YouTube featured image: (1984) Romancing The Stone Scene (Cartegena Columbia)

Traditional Colombian music can be divided into four distinct zones:

The Atlantic (Caribbean) coast , the Pacific coast , the Andean region, and the Eastern Plains.  

Caribbean (Atlantic) music pulsates with vibrant rhythms, such as cumbia, porro and mapalé.   The cumbia is mainly accompanied by an instrument called guacharaca. 

The music from the Pacific coast, such as the currulao with its strong use of drums, is touched  by Spanish influence.

The Colombian Andean music has been influenced by Spanish rhythms

Among typical examples are the bambuco, pasillo guabina and torbellino, played with stringed instruments such as the tiple or guitar, as well as piano.

The Andean music of Colombia differs noticeably from that of Peru, Ecuador or Bolivia.

The music of the Eastern Plains, “Los Llanos – música llanera”, is usually accompanied by a harp, a cuatro (a type of four-stringed guitar) and maracas.

Apart from these traditional forms, two musical rhythms have conquered large parts of the country. These are “la salsa” which has spread throughout the country, with Cali considered as the capital of la salsa, and the “vallenato”, which originated in La Guajira and Cesar in the northern part of the Caribbean coast.  The vallenato rhythm is mainly played by the vallenato accordion (buttons accordion) and other instruments.

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