“Bora Bora Feat… Dj Fred Tahiti – Raia, Eva, Mixtape, Wize” 

24 Apr
  “Bora Bora Feat…  Dj Fred Tahiti –  Raia, Eva, Mixtape, Wize” 

Born in 1985 in Tahiti, DJ Fred Tahiti has always been cuddled by his island’s traditional music. At 14, he got a crush on the parties made by his DJs friends. At this time, two CD players, a “mixette” and some good CDs were enough to have a never-ending night of happiness.

Later, with his friends, they buy some professional equipment so they can progress and do just like professionals do. With this goal in his mind, DJ Fred Tahiti begun animating some radio phonic shows and was still learning to the maximum what he could about this musical culture that was “Deejaying”
During the year 2000, he threw himself into data processing in order to publish his own Maxi versions, and then he learns how to mix his titles by doing bootleg, and then, compositions.

In 2003, he became famous in the whole of French Polynesia thanks to some remix that soon became must-haves for local radios.

In 2005, he met Weston and produce his album “Si J’avais Su”

In 2006, DJ Fred Tahiti became THE DJ who officiates for the Paradise Night (Tahiti), the biggest night-club in Tahiti for 25 years.

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