Edith PIAF “Sous le ciel de Paris” AU LAPIN AGILE (the legendary French Cabaret) by Giuseppe INFANTINO”

14 Apr
Edith PIAF “Sous le ciel de Paris” AU LAPIN AGILE (the legendary French Cabaret) by Giuseppe INFANTINO”

‘Sous le ciel de Paris’, the English translation is “Under the Sky of Paris”  notable for the 1951 French film with the same titleThe song later recorded by Édith Piaf and others, was written for this film by Hubert Giraud (music) and Jean Dréjac (lyrics). It was sung by Jean Bretonnière.


“Under the sky of Paris”, during a day, see large and small events that occur in the lives of several people whose fates will intertwine. A poor old lady, after searching in vain all day to feed her cats, receives unexpected reward of a mother who, thanks to her, found at night her daughter who had been lost since morning.  A young girl, dreaming of love, refuses the advances of her childhood friend to be stabbed to death by a sadistic sculptor.  The latter is shot by a policeman who accidentally injured a worker who was returning home after the successful conclusion of a strike.  Rushed to hospital, the injured worker is saved through the first open-heart surgery performed by a young surgeon who flunked his intern exam.
Piaf gives her loveliness to the song:


Under the Paris sky

A song takes flight

Hum hum

It was born today

In the heart of a boy

Under the Paris sky

Lovers walk

Hum hum

Their happiness built

On a tune made for them


Under the Pont de Bercy*

A philosopher seated

Two musicians, a few bystanders

Then people by the thousands

Under the Paris sky

Until the evening they’ll sing

Hum hum

The anthem of a people in love

With their old city


Close to Notre Dame

Occasionally a drama is brewing

Yes but in Paris

Everything can get better

A few rays of light

From the summer sky

The accordion

Of a bargeman

Hope blossoms

In the Paris skies


Under the Paris sky

A joyful river flows

Hum hum

It goes to sleep in the night

The tramps and the beggars

Under the Paris sky

The Good Lord’s birds

Hum hum

They come from the world over

To chat among themselves


And the Paris sky

Has his own seceret

For twenty centuries he’s been in love

With our Ile Saint Louis^

When she smiles at him

He puts on his blue suit

Hum hum

When it rains in Paris

It’s because he’s miserable

When he’s too jealous

Of her millions of lovers

Hum hum

He tells us off

With his roaring thunder

But the Paris sky

Isn’t cruel for long

Hum hum

To make ammends

He offers a rainbow

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