“Le Cafe – Oldelaf | Future Shorts” 

31 Mar

Olivier Delafoss said Oldelaf, is a  singer-songwriter, singer humor and musician.  French born 10 May 1975 Île-de-France region .

In 2000 , he created the group Oldelaf & Monsieur D with the comedian Frédéric Draps . After the group’s separation during their farewell concert at the Olympia the 30 January 2010, He continued his solo career , surrounded on stage by Julien Breton as Charles Berthier, Alexandre Zapata as Alain Berthier, Fabrice Lemoine as Amaury Cantet and Victor Paillet as Jacques F. The 17 October 2011, He released his first solo album Le Monde est Beau.

Born in the Paris region, Olivier Delafosse learned the piano in his childhood. As early as 14, he began to compose songs that he interpreted in a group of high school students. After the baccalauréat, he studied musicology, became socio-cultural animator and taught music for a while at the college. Very early, however, he decided to “go up to Paris”.

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