Tu Me Manqueras Toujours –  lyrics  (with translation)  Artist: Priscillia Featuring feat: Marvin

24 Mar

Priscilla, Born: June 20, 1986 (age 30 years)

Genre: World

Albums: Un peu de moi, Un peu de moi (Instrumental), Priscillia, 1er amour

Record labels: WUM Productions, MUW Tropikal, DEBS MUSIC, Wum productions/shark ent, Pastel Productions


Aimer de nouveau

En mode Kizomba Zouk Love, Vol.2 (60 hits Kizomba Zouk Love) · 2017

Vini doudou

Priscillia · 2007

Mwen renmen bizwen

Avec toi

Un peu de moi · 2010

Fleur d’ébène Part II

Priscillia · 2007

Fleur d’ébène



Priscillia · 2007

Juste un Kiss

Fashion Zouk, Vol. 2 · 2014

Pa pléré

(English translation)  Albums/Record Labels/Songs

Albums: A bit of me, A bit of me (Instrumental), Priscillia, 1er amour
Record labels: WUM Productions, MUW Tropikal, DEBS MUSIC, Wum productions / shark ent, Pastel Productions


Love again

In Kizomba mode Zouk Love, Vol.2 (60 hits Kizomba Zouk Love) · 2017

come doudou

Priscillia · 2007

I love bizwen

With you

A bit of me · 2010

Ebony Flower Part II

Priscillia · 2007

Ebony Flower



Priscillia · 2007

Just a Kiss

Fashion Zouk, Vol. 2 · 2014

Pa filled


(English Translation) ~Marvin~

The singer Marvin carton on the Caribbean waves with his tube “K.O”. Having already a solid musical experience, the artist intends to conquer the continent.

Author, composer and performer, Marvin grew up in Brittany. Métis of African descent, he quickly became interested in his different cultures and was inspired by his music. Following a five-year vocal training with one of the most famous singing teachers in France, Pierre Cappelle, Marvin travels through the piano-bars of the Côte d’Azur and acquires a real scenic experience. He then moved to Asia and performed in luxury hotels. His music is tinged with Caribbean sounds, RNB, soul and jazz. His songs at the crossroads of musical styles are reminiscent of three Guadeloupian artists: Thierry Cham, Medhy Custos and Slai.

Thanks to the support of DJ Wilson, he began writing his first solo album “Corps et Ames” in 2005, which made his passion for music a reality. Many Caribbean artists support him in his project and he writes in turn for several of them. The opus is a success of esteem and Marvin returns this year with a new album.

Prelude of this disc, the title “K.O” is a success in the West Indies and the artist already occurs in Europe. A mixture of RNB and zouk, this song could well open to Marvin the doors of the continent.

(French version) ~Marvin~

Le chanteur Marvin cartonne sur les ondes antillaises avec son tube “K.O”. Ayant déjà une solide expérience musicale, l’artiste compte bien conquérir le continent.

Auteur, compositeur et interprète, Marvin a grandi en Bretagne. Métis d’origine africaine, il s’est rapidement intéressé à ses différentes cultures et s’en est inspiré pour sa musique. Suite à une formation vocale de cinq ans avec l’un des professeurs de chant les plus réputés en France, Pierre Cappelle, Marvin parcourt les piano-bars de la Côte d’Azur et acquiert une véritable expérience scénique. Il part ensuite en Asie et se produit dans des hôtels de luxe. Sa musique se teinte de sonorités caribéennes, de RNB, de soul et de jazz. Ses chansons à la croisée des styles musicaux ne sont pas sans rappeler trois artistes guadeloupéens : Thierry Cham, Medhy Custos et Slaï.

Grâce au soutien de DJ Wilson, il débute en 2005 l’écriture de son premier album solo “Corps et Ames”, lequel concrétise sa passion pour la musique. De nombreux artistes antillais le soutiennent dans son projet et il écrit à son tour pour plusieurs d’entre eux. L’opus connaît un succès d’estime et Marvin revient cette année avec un nouvel album.

Prélude de ce disque, le titre “K.O” est un succès aux Antilles et l’artiste se produit déjà en Europe. Mélange de RNB et de zouk, cette chanson pourrait bien ouvrir à Marvin les portes du continent.



(Tu Me Manqueras Toujours)

I’ll Always Miss You  (English translation)

I’ll Always Miss You
I’ll be here, beside you

Even if I know you don’t see me

I’ll walk in your footsteps

Even in the sky, close to you..

Your guardian angel is the day and night

Your soulmate is in paradise

I’ll love you even in death

Because my love is very strong

Why has life done this to us?

Why aren’t you beside me anymore?

I have cried and yelled many times

Praying the skies to let you

Tell me again, once more

That for your whole life, you’ll love only me

I’ll come every night to talk to you

In all of your dreams, oh, my adore

You’re gone, you left me only the memories, my adore

I remember your kisses

As if you’re coming to kiss me

In the silence of you absence

I always believe to hear you sing…

This melody that you loved

It fills my life and my spirit with your cheerfulness


I’ll always miss you

I’ll always miss you

I’ll always miss you

My love, forever

I’ll always miss you

I’ll always miss you

I’ll always miss you

My love…

The memories of the first day

That we passed, making love

The emotions, the words of love

We’d always rhyme together

I remember your pleasure

Of the good moments of delirium

And I will remember

the best of you in my memory

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