“Are you sure you can cure me of my leg cramps?” 

24 Mar

image: Sam Gross

French words and the expression of the Day:

Cooking the frog is a matter of “Les carottes sont cuites”.  It literally means the carrots are cooked, but we ( in English) say run quickly because the speaker means that the outcome of the situation cannot be changed.

Frog legs are one of the better-known delicacies of the French cuisine. Frog legs or cuisses de grenouille are a traditional dish particularly found in the region of the Dombes (département of Ain).”

The Dombes (ArpitanDomba) is an area in southeastern France, once an independent municipality, formerly part of the province of Burgundy, and now a district comprised in the department of Ain, and bounded on the west by the Saône River, by the Rhône, on the east by the Ain and on the north by the district of Bresse.[1]

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