Je pense à toi (I’m thinking of you) – Jean François Michael

17 Feb

Yves Roze better known as Jean-François Michael is a French singer born on 16 April 1946. Between 1963 and 1968, he sang under his birth name Yves Roze. In 1968, Michel Berger (under his real name Michel Hamburger) wrote “Adieu Jolie Candy” that was a hit for Jean-François Michael. It sold over one million copies, and was awarded a gold disc.[1]

Under the new name Jean-François Michael, sometimes the “e” in Michael was written with the umlaut on the “e” as in Jean-François Michaël, he released three albums between 1968 and 1972, and a number of singles, but struck by a grave illness, he abandoned his musical career. He came back in 1975, but as a music director and record producer.



I think of you my love, my belovedDon’t leave me, my love, my dear

When I’m in my bed I dream only of you

And when I wake, I think only of you


If I don’t see you, I can say nothing,

I can do nothing, I can see nothing

I don’t want to know about anything

My love, my dearest

You’ve been promised the world by some

Others promised heaven*

Some promised you the moon
Song Lyrics in French

Je pense à toi

Je pense a toi, mon amour, ma bien aimee

Ne m’abandonne pas, mon amour, ma cherie


Quand je suis dans mon lit, je ne reve qu’a toi

Et quand je me reveille, je ne pense qu’a toi


Si je ne te vois pas, je ne peux rien dire

Je ne peux rien faire, je ne peux rien voir

Je ne veux rien savoir

Mon amour, ma cherie


Certains t’ont promis la terre

D’autres promettent le ciel

Il y en a qui t’ont promis la lune

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