“-Oh Me Oh My (i’m a fool for you baby)”

21 Nov


Oh Me Oh My (I’m a Fool for You Baby)” is a Top 30 hit for Lulu which charted in 1969–70; the song has been most notably remade by Aretha Franklin and Tina Arena.

Lulu version

“Oh Me Oh My…” was written by Jim Doris who – as Jimmy Doris – had been vocalist-guitarist for the Stoics, a band which formed in Lulu’s native Glasgow in the late 1960s and whose membership had included Frankie Miller. Doris contributed another song to “Oh Me Oh My…”‘s parent album New Routes, entitled “After All (I Live My Life)”, and his composition “Take Good Care of Yourself” was featured on the follow-up album Melody Fair. Reportedly Doris subsequently went into A&R work before being sidelined by mental instability which factored into his being killed when run over by a bus in London in the late 1980s or early 1990s.[1]

The advance single from Lulu’s Atco Records debut album New Routes, “Oh Me Oh My…”, was released in October 1969. A radical change of direction for Lulu, who was coming off her best ever UK chart placing at #2 with the Eurovision winner “Boom Bang-a-Bang”, the move to a more mature sound with “Oh Me Oh My…” was unappreciated in the UK where the track barely reached the Top 50. In the US, “Oh Me Oh My…” ranked as high as #4 in Birmingham, Alabama in November 1969 but nationally charted only as a moderate Easy Listening hit at #36. Several performances by Lulu on US television helped break “Oh Me Oh My…” into the Billboard Hot 100 in December 1969 and then buoy the track as it gradually gained momentum to become Lulu’s first Top 30 hit since “To Sir With Love” at the end of February 1970: “Oh Me Oh My…” would peak at #22 that March (Cash Box ranked the track with a #18 peak).

In Australia the Go-Set Top 40 chart ranked “Oh Me Oh My…” with a #33 peak in January 1970. [2] The RPM 100 chart for Canada ranked “Oh Me Oh My…” as high as #16 in March 1970.[1]; that same month the New Zealand Listener Pop-o-meter chart ranked “Oh Me Oh My…” as high as #12.1

Lulu recorded a translated version of “Oh Me Oh My…” for release in Italy, entitled “Povera Me”; the track was released in June 1970 to no apparent attention despite a promotional junket by Lulu that July.

1The only national hit parade available for New Zealand 1966–1975, the Pop-o-meter chart, did not reflect sales, rather being a poll compiled from voting coupons sent in by NZ Listener readers.


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