Harvest – Neil Young

07 Nov


My dad and I were listening to “Harvest Moon” by Neil Young last weekend (it’s not on this album, but is a great song nonetheless). It’s this peaceful song about finding yourself still in love years after meeting someone– which is not a theme you hear a lot in a love songs (unless you’ve been rocking out the Orleans’ classic to “Still the One” on repeat). But to the point, we were laughing because it’s this really pretty, romantic song and you could have anyone in the world sing that song and it wouldn’t sound nearly as good or as pretty as it does in Neil’s tinny, nasally voice. So much for the Grandpa of Grunge.

neil young's 1972 album (first solo record after CSN&Y) neil young’s 1972 album (first solo record after CSN&Y)

I’m a big Neil Young guy. He gets me. I get him. I’ve cultivated a pretty serious relationship with his music. (Although I don’t know him, at this point, I’m pretty…

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