America On Coffee – Rising To The Call Of Each Day

America On Coffee – Rising To The Call Of Each Day

AmericaOnCoffee (AOC) is a story of love brought to you by Life. We are dedicated to the Homeless, the Missing and the Exploited.

Our mission is to rebuild lives and end homelessness. Learn more at

Street art paint Imaginary Homes For Homeless To Highlight Poverty (


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Cozy Railway-Themed Coffee Spots

In the U.S.A., trains date back to the old west and cowboy era, However, during these modern times, wagon trains and railway have inspired many innovations about trails and railways. We can attribute these makeovers to: time, technology and trends. Mass transportation has transitioned from horsepower, locomotion to being propelled by various modern energy sources. Passengers, waiters, cooks, porters and conductors, have all been impacted and/or displaced.

What are some of the changes that have taken place? Railways and trains are being modified into unique structures. Some of the most popular modifications have been stationary museums. Others are used solely for public accommodations. And many are utilized in full or part, for transportation.

As people, places and needs for accommodations keep transitioning, more railway concepts are coming forth. Keep in mind that whichever innovative train adventure you choose to journey, it will be fun, nostalgic and very scenic.

….AOC Commentary

Railroads have been an integral part of our country’s history, connecting east to west, shipping supply to demand, and connecting farm to hungry city table. It’s a rich history tied to – and driving – major events, and it’s a history worth seeing, smelling and feeling up close. The following museums let visitors hear the steam-whistle blow, smell the grease on the axels and step back in time. source

The Exterior of Starbucks’ Railway Coffee Coach – image #1

Learn more about Starbucks’ Railway Service

The Service Style Inside A Starbucks’ Railway Coffee Coach – image #2

Starbucks’ Railway Coffee Coach seatings – image#3

Featherbed Railrod Bed and Breakfast Resort. image#1 Learn more

Casablanca Caboose At Featherbed Railroad In Northern California’s Throughout Bed And Breakfast Wine Country CaliforniaFeatherbed#2

Featherbed. A Bed and Breakfast – image #3

Featherbed Bed and Breakfast(exterior) – image #4

Featherbed Railroad Caboose themed Bed and Breakfast – Exterior (located on California) – image#5

Featherbed Railroad Caboose-themed Bed and Breakfast – Different Exterior Angle – image#6

Featherbed Railroad Caboose-themed Bed and Breakfast – Interior – image #7

Featherbed Railroad Caboose-themed Bed and Breakfast – Interior – image #8

Nederland Buffalo Bills Coffee Shop ( located Boulder Colorado) learn more…

TWhistle Stop Bed and Breakfast – (NY Mills, MN) – Image#1

Whistle Stop Bed and Breakfast – (NY Mills, MN) – Image#2

Whistle Stop Bed and Breakfast – (NY Mills, MN) – Image#3

Whistle Stop Bed and Breakfast – (NY Mills, MN) – Image#4

The Train Carriage Coffee Shop (located Colorado)

“… a great coffee shop built out of three old railcars which I couldn’t resist photographing while sipping on my cappuchino.” – image#1 Learn more. Visit site.

The Train Carriage Coffee Shop (located Colorado) – image#2

The Train Carriage Coffee Shop (located Colorado) – image#3

Railroad and Old West themed joint – Picture of Wagon Train (located California) – image#1…

Railroad and Old West themed joint – Picture of Wagon Train – image #2…

Railroad and Old West themed joint – Picture of Wagon Train – image #3…

Railroad Coffee Shop – O’Gauge Railroading read more at source

The Rail Coffee Room – Exterior (AMTK Station, Centralia Ilinois) – image#1 source

The Rail Coffee Room – Interior (AMTK Station, Centralia Ilinois) – image #2

The Rail Coffee Room – Interior (AMTK Station, Centralia Ilinois) – image#3

Enjoy Your Coffee Today!!


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Van Morrison – “Moondance”

Van Morrison – “Moondance”
Featured image: The Courtesy of Pinterest

Moondance is the third studio album by Northern Irish singer-songwriter Van Morrison. It was released on 27 February 1970 by Warner Bros. Records. After the commercial failure of his first Warner Bros. album Astral Weeks, Morrison moved to upstate New York with his wife and began writing songs for Moondance.

After leaving the rock band Them, Morrison met record producer Bert Berns in New York City and recorded his first solo single, “Brown Eyed Girl”, in March 1967 for Berns’ Bang Records. When the producer unexpectedly died later that year, Morrison was offered a record deal by Warner Bros. Recordsexecutive Joe Smith, who had seen the singer perform at Boston’s Catacombs nightclub in August 1968. Smith bought out Morrison’s Bang contract, and he was able to record his first album for Warner Bros., Astral Weeks, that year. Although it was later acclaimed by critics, its collection of lengthy, acoustic, revelatory folk jazz songs was not well received by consumers at the time and the album proved to be a commercial failure.

After recording Astral Weeks, Morrison moved with his wife, Janet Planet, to a home on a mountain top in the Catskillsnear Woodstock, a hamlet in upstate New York with an artistic community. According to Planet, he was influenced by Bob Dylan, who had just moved out of town when Morrison arrived. “Van fully intended to become Dylan’s best friend”, Planet recalled. “Every time we’d drive past Dylan’s house … Van would just stare wistfully out the window at the gravel road leading to Dylan’s place. He thought Dylan was the only contemporary worthy of his attention.”

Morrison began writing songs for Moondance in July 1969. Because of Astral Weekss poor sales figures, the singer wanted to produce a record that would be more accessible and appealing to listeners. “I make albums primarily to sell them and if I get too far out a lot of people can’t relate to it”, he later said. “I had to forget about the artistic thing because it didn’t make sense on a practical level. One has to live.” The musicians who went on to record Moondance with Morrison were recruited from Woodstock and would continue working with him for several years, including guitarist John Platania, saxophonist Jack Schroer, and keyboardist Jef . The singer left after the Woodstock music festival in August attracted an influx of people to the area.


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Don’t say “Hello Kitty” to me…Say “Good Morning Miss Catty!”

Don’t say “Hello Kitty” to me…Say “Good Morning Miss Catty!”

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  • Mix milk and sugar in a microwavable coffee mug.

  • Microwave on HIGH 1 minute 30 seconds or until heated through (do not boil).

  • Stir in coffee and extracts. Top with whipped cream and toasted slivered almonds before serving, if desired.

recipe source



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“Alicia Keys – Fallin (Live At Manchester Cathedral)”


Fallin” is a song by American recording artist Alicia Keys. It served as Keys’ debut single from her debut album, Songs in A Minor (2001). Written and produced by Keys, it was released by J Records to radio and music video outlets in 2001. The song is generally considered her signature song.[1]

The song attained global success, reaching number-one on the US Billboard Hot 100, and reached the top five in several countries. It also received numerous certifications around the world, and is one of the best-selling singles of 2001. In 2009, the single was named the 29th most successful song of the 2000s, on the Billboard Hot 100 Songs of the Decade.[2] It won three Grammy Awards in 2002, including Song of the Year, Best R&B Song, and Best Female R&B Vocal Performance, and was also nominated for Record of the Year.


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Good Morning!

Good Morning!


How do you take a bite out of life? Feasting on a great breakfast… It is the most important meal of the day! And, don’t forget the coffee, it’s a booster… let it kick in! by Doro Dancer….

paradise cuisine


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“Blood, Sweat & Tears – Spinning Wheel (album version)”


“Spinning Wheel” is the title of a popular song from 1969 by the band Blood, Sweat & Tears. The song was written by the band’s Canadian lead vocalist David Clayton-Thomas and appears on their self-titled album.

Released as a single in 1969, “Spinning Wheel” peaked at number two on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in July of that year, remaining in the runner-up position for three weeks.[1] In August of that year, the song topped the Billboard easy listening chart for two weeks.[2] It was also a crossover hit, reaching #45 on the US R&B chart.

“Spinning Wheel” was nominated for three Grammy Awards at the 1970 ceremony, winning in the category Best Instrumental Arrangement. The arranger for the song was the band’s saxophonist, Fred Lipsius. It was nominated for Record of the Year and Song of the Year; the album won the Grammy for Album of the Year.

Clayton-Thomas was quoted as describing the song as being “written in an age when psychedelic imagery was all over lyrics…it was my way of saying, ‘Don’t get too caught up, because everything comes full circle’.”[2]

The song ends with the 1815 Austrian tune “O Du Lieber Augustin” (“The More We Get Together” or “Did You Ever See a Lassie?”)[citation needed] and drummer Bobby Colomby’s comment: “That wasn’t too good”, followed by laughter from the rest of the group. According to producer James William Guercio this section was added in at the last minute after the end of the master tape was recorded over accidentally by an engineer at the studio. Most of this section and the trumpet solo were edited out for the single version. The eight-bar piano solo which precedes the trumpet solo on the album version is overlapped with guitar on the single version before the last verse.

Among artists who have covered “Spinning Wheel” are Shirley Bassey, who included the song on her 1970 album Something, and Nancy Wilson, who covered it in the Hawaii Five-O episode “Trouble in Mind,” which originally aired September 23, 1970. In 1970 Marianne Mendt released a version of the tune in Austria, as “A g’scheckert’s Hutschpferd” and Barbara Eden performed a live version [3] that aired in the U.S. Jazz organist Dr. Lonnie Smith recorded an extended instrumental version for his 1970 Blue Note album Drives.[4] James Brown scored a minor hit in 1971 with an instrumental version of the song, reaching #90 on the Billboard Hot 100.[5][6] The Canadian a cappella music group, Cadence also covered this song. In 1970 P.P. Arnold recorded a version produced by Barry Gibb but it was not released. An instrumental rendition of this song was used as a cue on the first Wheel of Fortune pilot titled Shopper’s Bazaar.


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“Crocodile Rock – Elton John”

Crocodile Rock” is a song written by Elton John and Bernie Taupin, and recorded in summer 1972 at the Château d’Hérouville studio in France (it was listed as “Strawberry Studios” in the album’s credits), where John and his team had previously recorded the Honky Château album. It was released on 27 October 1972 in the UK and 20 November 1972 in the U.S., as a pre-release single from his forthcoming 1973 album Don’t Shoot Me I’m Only the Piano Player, and became his first U.S. number-one single, reaching the top spot on 3 February 1973, and stayed there for three weeks. In the U.S., it was certified Gold on 5 February 1973 and Platinum on 13 September 1995 by the RIAA.[1] In Canada, it topped the chart as well, remaining at No.1 on the RPM 100 national singles chart for four weeks from 17 February – 10 March. It was the first song released as a single on the MCA label (catalogue #40000) after MCA dissolved its Uni, Decca, Kapp and Coral labels. (John had previously been with the Uni label.)[2] “Crocodile Rock” is dominated by a Farfisa organ, played by John. The lyrics take a nostalgic look at early rock ‘n’ roll, dating and youthful independence of that era. Elton John band members, including Davey Johnstone on guitars, Dee Murray on bass and Nigel Olsson on drums, were also performers on the song. Elton John, however, did all the vocals, including the falsetto backing vocals.

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Is your romantic Interest a night person, or a morning person? 

Is your romantic Interest a night person, or a morning person? 

stock image

Why breakfast makes the best first date

“He knew that I loved coffee and I was a morning person, so I thought it was a great first date,” Andresen, now 33, tells The Post. Two years and several breakfast dates later, they opened Pudge Knuckles, a coffee shop in Williamsburg. In 2015, Andresen married Greene, now 46.

“Evening dates, in my experience, often involve drinks or even getting drunk, and drunk people have poor judgment and a lowered sense of inhibition,” says Andresen, who now lives with her husband on the Upper West Side. I like coffee dates because you still have the day in front of you and it’s a nice way to get to know someone.

Barbie Adler, a dating coach and owner of matchmaking service Selective Search, says she’s seen an uptick in clients who crave breakfast over dinner dates.

“I’m all for it if you’re a morning person, since you’re fresh and not [ground] down by the day, and therefore you look and feel your best,” Adler, who’s based in Chicago, tells The Post.

I like coffee dates because you still have the day in front of you and it’s a nice way to get to know someone.

“Unlike evening first dates, which can drag on for hours, breakfast dates offer a shorter time commitment, Adler says.”

“It tends to be not as long, and it’s contained. It’s a good way to meet people, especially for New Yorkers who are always busy,” she says.

But some NYC singles are a little more wary of morning dates. Jessica Callaghan, a 24-year-old publicist, met a guy on Tinder last summer over breakfast at a diner.

“On my [Tinder] bio, I said I love breakfast food. That was the first thing he brought up, so we [decided] to meet over breakfast,” Callaghan, who’s based in Williamsburg, tells The Post. “He was a nice guy, but I wasn’t used to meeting someone that early, and I was a little tired. I wasn’t feeling it.”

But Andresen says she’s seen morning success stories at her own shop.

“It’s really cute because we can always tell when people come in for a date. They don’t pay attention to the staff. It’s like we don’t exist, and they’re very intimate with each other,” she says.

“You see [the romance] develop over time,” adds Andresen. “Some of them are now married.”




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Our relationship with dogs, go far beyond petting. Dogs are constantly communicating with us, by tail wagging, whining, barking and other dog skills. HOW WELL DO YOU KNOW YOUR DOG? Do you understand his barks?

One of the main differences between a dog and a stuffed animal is your dog’s ability to communicate with you. Just as we can form sentences and change the pitch of our voice to mean different things, so can a dog change her bark depending on what she’s trying to tell you.

Dogs have many different kinds of barks. K9 Magazine recently described the Top 10 Barks and what they mean. I edited the list to make for easy reading, but if you’re really curious you can read the magazine’s whole post. Check out this cool infographic you can share to help other dog owners understand their dogs better!

too much barking

1. Continuous rapid barking at a mid-range pitch: “Call the pack! There is a potential problem! Someone is coming into our territory!”

2. Barking in rapid strings with a few pauses at a mid-range pitch: “I suspect that there may be a problem or an intruder near our territory. I think that the leader of the pack should look into it.”

3. Prolonged or incessant barking, with moderate to long intervals between each utterance: “Is there anybody there? I’m lonely and need companionship.”

4. One or two sharp short barks at a mid-range pitch: “Hello there!”

5. Single sharp short bark at a lower mid-range pitch: “Stop that!”

6. Single sharp short bark at a higher mid-range: “What’s this?” or “Huh?” This is a startled or surprised sound. If it’s repeated two or three times, its meaning changes to, “Come look at this!” to alert the pack to a new event.


dogs barking while playing

Single yelp or very short high-pitched bark: “Ouch!” This is in response to a sudden, unexpected pain.

8. Series of yelps: “I’m hurting!” “I’m really scared” This is in response to severe fear and pain.

9. Stutter-bark at a mid-range pitch: If a dog’s bark were spelled “ruff,” the stutter-bark would be spelled “ar-ruff.” It means “Let’s play!” and is used to initiate playing behavior.

10. Rising bark – almost a yelp, though not quite that high: Used during a rough-and-tough tumble play time, it means “This is fun!”

Some dogs can bark too much. There are several options for helping control your dog’s chatter. Exercise and lots of playtime will wear your dog out, and she will talk less as a result.

10 translated dog barks

If your dog continues to bark in the wee hours of the night or morning, bark control collarsare another great way to deter barking. By monitoring your dog’s bark, these collars automatically let her know when she needs to be quiet with a safe, gentle correction. Offered in spray, static, ultrasonic, and vibrationcorrection, you can train your dog not to bark, no matter how stubborn she is. Understanding your dog’s barking and working together to communicate can remove the strain excessive barking may have put on your relationship.

Which bark do you hear from your dog most often?



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